Breakfast with Jesus

Breakfast with Jesus… its an interesting concept. I am a breakfast lover, and I love Jesus; it makes sense to join the two in an epic morning worship-fest at sunrise!

Here is how it all got started:

Jump out of boat, swim to shore, drag in net, prove worth to Jesus again….

I think Peter wrote this mental to-do list the instant he recognized Jesus calling.

It was several weeks after Jesus had risen from the dead, and the disciples were fishing (John 21). After a night of no bites, a figure calls out from the shore, urging them to cast nets to the other side of the boat. With the now-heavy load of fish stating the obvious, the men recognized Jesus was the man on shore.

And cue Peter’s to do list.

I do the same thing everyday*. Like Peter, I know I’ve failed God before; I may not have denied Christ 3 times before a rooster crowed, but I’ve certainly denied God my devotion, my time, and my heart. I chase after menial accomplishments, spend too much time on Pinterest, and glorify British television shows as the best thing ever.

Recognizing my failures, I put together the “fail safe” plan to regain the approval of my master:

Be better, do better, show more effort than the rest, make Jesus notice me as a “good and faithful servant.

I quickly fail. So then I come up with a new list, on a new blog post, in a new journal, with a new pen; I trick myself into thinking a new accomplishment for Christ will orchestrate the closeness and wonder and satisfaction I am longing for. But, like Peter’s efforts, my to-do lists keep me distant and hungry.

I thank God for His response: “Jesus said to them, ‘Come and have breakfast.'”(John 21:12 ESV)

Jesus already prepared the meal; he was simply waiting for Peter and the disciples to join Him.

The same is true for me today; Jesus has already accomplished all the work of approval on the cross. His invitation now is “Abide in Me, Becky; sit down and be still with Me. And have some bacon.”

In other words, my failures are covered by the exchange of Christ’s righteousness. Even the things I want to do for God are already checked off the list, because it is He who is at work in me to will and to work for His good pleasure**. God offers satisfaction for my hunger: He invites me to breakfast.

So this is my prerogative: to have Breakfast with Jesus.

I will probably still attempt great accomplishments for God, drag in the net full of lost souls I long to meet Jesus.

I will still fail like Peter, living with a “insert foot here” sticker over my mouth.

I will might even try to make this “Breakfast with Jesus” into a project, a check-off the to-do list.

But for right now, I just want to be with Him…
Open my Bible and smell the pancakes….
Sit at His feet and receive the nourishment He has already provided for my heart.
Enjoy the first fruits of the day’s sunrise with King Jesus.

PS… How marvelous that Jesus invites all his disciples to come and have breakfast… So dear friend, will you join us for breakfast?

*I learned this great lesson while listening to J.D. Greear’s message “The Failure”…. Find the podcast under The Summit Church

**Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure. (Philippians 2:12, 13 ESV)
Our works mean nothing if it weren’t for God who works in us!