Buon Natale from the Rostys!

Merry Christmas from the home and life of the Rosty family. You may have already read our Christmas Newsletter, but now sit back and enjoy a glimpse into the season’s festivities-Shane and Becky Style.

Ugly Sweater Party at the Bridge: the adult inter-church small group that has encouraged us so much this year 🙂

I feel it really expresses the “Buon Natale” feel of the year (we only wish we were Italian).

With my “Shave with me Barbie” to give for the white elephant gift exchange, i think we cranked our participation up this year for Christmas craziness. (get the tutorial here.) It’s how we roll…… ugly sweater party: level 1,000.


We had a cookie frosting party with our BCM students…. Here is my favorite:
(see more pics of BCM Christmas on Facebook or here)

Got to love the Dr. Who obsession.

Shane was the tree-MASTER, as always….


But Mr. Darcy showed up with some competition…. Tearing Shane (figuratively) and the tree (literally) limb from limb.


Ok, Enough of the ridiculous….
I LOVE having people in our home… It may not be the cleanest, or most comfortable, but it is our joy to host many-a dinner, movie night, or simple get together. But, since many of our friends and family can never make it up to Sheridan, I thought I’d bring our home to you.


Our “bouquet” from the branches cut from the bottom of the tree. Keeps the whole how’s smelling like our Big Horn Mountains.


Pinterest gave me a few ideas this Christmas too, like this trimmed tree trunk ornament:

I greatly lament the timing of pinterest when I see great ideas like this that usually have to do with “firsts”…. Like first Christmas tree, etc. Where were these ideas 3 years ago?! Well I’ve decided it’s never too late to start something new; after all, I’ve always been a fan of second (and third) chances!

Here is how we gave our wedding cake topper a second chance… Anyone else love s’mores as much as we do!?


Our nativity we received from my parents our first Christmas:


The nativity we bought in Africa this year:

It is such a blessing to remember Christ’s birth and the wonderful memories of our journey with Him.

To the left of our Christmas Card display is my advent chain. I teach Sunday school for junior high and high school girl’s at our church; this month we are focusing on celebrating the coming of Christ. Early in December, we each wrote on a link one way to love Jesus every day leading up to December 25. Each day, I complete the task and add the link. By Christmas, we will have an extra decoration for Jesus’ Birthday 🙂


We continue to pray for Sheridan College, students and staff this season…. Looking forward to all that God has for us to join him in next semester! (read more about our ministry’s Christmas adventures here.)


MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you all for celebrating the season of Joy for all people through Christ Jesus with us… See you in 2013!


Yours Sincerely in Faith,