Shave with me Barbie, white elephant gift tutorial.

I am a glutton for White Elephant gift exchange parties. Over the years, I’ve done a terrible job, but this year… oh this was the year.

I found the idea on, just to give credit where credit is due.

Here it is: “Shave with me” Barbie!


Cost: $2
Time: 5-10 minutes
Materials needed:
Barbie doll
Glue stick
Paper, tape, printer, and computer for label (or you could hand write it)

So I snagged this cheap imitation Barbie and a pack of razors at the dollar store.

Rubbed glue all over her legs and armpits (the funniest part), trimmed the dolls hair and rolled her legs in it, then stuffed left hair under her arms.


Re-twist-tied Barbie back into her box, inserted the razor, then added the label I made on my computer.

It took the party-participants a second or two to get the gag, thinking it was just a Barbie; but the label explained it all. Some actually thought I got her from an awkward Barbie supply store (if only there was such a store.)

We laughed so hard, I couldn’t breathe.

Hope this helps for any of you last minute gag-grifters. This one is a crowd pleaser and super cheap and easy.