Work out playlist Day 5: Free by Mandisa

Welcome to 10 Days to an Encouraging Work-Out Playlist: Day 5

aaaYesterday, we talked about freedom from sin. Today, I want to focus my work-out and my spiritual life on what I am free to do. I am free from the burdens, yes, but I also have the freedom of a completely open door to Jesus. And I am going to run through it!

Mandisa does an excellent job identifying this in her jam session, “Free.”

Anyone who knows Mandisa’s story knows this girl has a lot to sing about, particularly in the area of Freedom. Inspiring and powerful, this beat’s got momentum. Singing about freedom includes more than broken chains…. this song SHOUTS truth of Jesus to the world.

Don’t worry
Don’t cry
That’s a voice I hear inside
But it’s hard for me to see
Tomorrow’s but a dream
‘Cause today’s reality is right in front of me

They say you’ll never make
They say you can never change it
What you are is what you’ll always be
They say that I should give up
Once you’re down you’ll never get up
But that’s not the truth for me

Who the son sets free
You best believe it’s free indeed
Wanna take it to the streets
My Lord Delivered me

Who the son sets free
You best believe it’s free indeed
Wanna dance and shout and scream
I’m free indeed!


Gonna tell the world what he did for me

I’ve tried and tried and tried
To make this mountain step aside
Or to climb it on my own
But what you did has more than helped
Do what I couldn’t do myself
You said that I was not alone

Then I thought I’d never make
Then you can along and then you changed it
Made a way somehow and brought me through
As I was just about to give up
You took me hand said baby get up
Now here I am because of you
Stand beause of you!

If you need a friend to the very end
To be there by you side
To get you through the hard times
The dark times of your life
To bring you into the dawn
He’s the one your lookin for
Your Savior
Your deliver

Lord delivered me


I love jogging to this song because I start thinking about who I can share the story of my freedom with (usually I end up writing it here.) The prospect of sharing my story can instigate a sense of fear, but I go back to “No chains on me” and crush the bondage of fear with a few push ups. If Jesus mission was to bring freedom to humanity from the bondage of sin (Luke 4:18), then as His daughter, I want to join Him in that! God has set me free to share freedom with others!

Your's Truly, Post work-out
Your’s Truly, Post work-out

How will you share your story of Freedom? Try telling your jogging partner or work-out buddy what God has set you free from in your life. Comment below and let me know how it goes!

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