15 Tips on Dressing Modestly

Today, I am featuring the following post from Delight: a joyful discovery of Biblical Womanhood. Every once in a while, it is good to remember these handy tips to be fashionable and modest at the same time.

Dress your Best: Modesty Tips.

Lets just say it, for a skin- and curves-conscious woman, today’s fashion items are difficult to dress with. It feels like many shirts are designed to reveal more of your outer beauty and cheapen the inner-beauty. Shorts and skirts that ride up to high have the same effect, as does anything see through or revealing otherwise. A woman of God must dress her best, not just for the men around her and for God, but also to be a good example to the other women who are watching what they wear as well. Here are some tips on modesty and looking your best.


  1. Tops that reveal too much cleavage can be paired with a cute tank top underneath (beware of tank-tops with shelves, they will draw the neckline down throughout the day.)
  2. For bikinis, wear a solid tank-top (not white), work-out tank, or tankini on top. You still get the lift that one-piece swimming suits don’t offer, but you don’t have your cleavage or belly showing.
  3. Shirts that are too tight can be worn under jackets or sweaters (its easy to find a loop hole here by wearing your tight shirts under loose/see-through jackets or unbuttoned sweaters…. don’t do it.) The idea is, present yourself a woman of God, not a complete profile of the female body.
  4. Wear a solid tank top underneath button-up shirts, just in case the buttons gape open at your chest.
  5. Wear tub-tops and spaghetti strap shirts underneath cut jackets/sweaters or on top of solid t-shirts or wider strapped tank tops to cover bare shoulders (I’ve heard from quite a few brave and honest gentlemen, bare shoulders are a struggle sometimes).
  6. If your clothes are too tight, but you want to still wear them, consider hitting the gym or eating healthy foods. Some shirts can be perfectly modest for a person that is fit and healthy, but slightly immodest otherwise. Save the favorite shirt for the special day you are fit for it, or pass it on to someone for whom it will flatter well. Grab some godly girl-friends and go shopping for some clothes that make you look your best for where you are at right now (we all go through seasons of different sizes in our lives. Don’t beat yourself up for whatever season you are in, just be wise about it and dress the body you have now.)
  7. *A great way to make any top, from t-shirts to lower-cut blouses, look fantastic: have good posture. When you are sitting up straight, your shirt doesn’t have as much opportunity to slide down to reveal your bra or the “blessings” inside it. Having good posture accentuates the figure God created you with by tucking in the tummy, straightening the back, and giving the “girls” on top the lift they deserve (note: without pushing them out like super-breasts.) A woman with good posture reveals a woman who is confident and proud of the body God has given her.
  8. *If your income doesn’t allow for the cute fashion tops that your friends might have, try dressing up plain shirts with jewelry. A simple black blouse can turn into a great date night outfit with the right accessories. Find awesome necklaces at thrift stores, especially now while vintage is in. Make the most of the clothes you have by mixing and matching, or trading with friends.
  9. Bottoms: If your jeans are low-riders, find out just how low by squatting down backwards in front of a mirror; see if your bum-crack or underwear shows. If it does, either purchase new pants or find a long tank top to tuck in so that you’ll save the world from your plumber’s butt if you ever have to bend over, kneel down, or squat for whatever reason while wearing those pants (don’t kid yourself into thinking you wont).
  10. Shorts and skirts that are too tight or too short will show your underwear or the bottom rim of your bum when you bend over while keeping your knees straight. Test it in the mirror. If it rides up too far when you bend over, it will ride up every time you sit down, every time you walk, etc. For no good reason, they always seem to ride up. So frustrating, but not an unavoidable frustration. Buy longer shorts/skirts or pair them with leggings.
  11. *I never thought leggings were immodest, but one gentlemen once commented that leggings are just as tight and revealing of shape as a tight shirt or mini skirt. So even with leggings, make sure the shape of your body isn’t too obvious. Wear longer skirts or dresses/shirts with your leggings to make sure your “hiney” doesn’t become the object of attention instead of your heart.
  12. There are lots of skirts that are see-through, particularly in the sun light. If in doubt, buy a nice slip; I know it seems old fashioned, but you never know when the spot light will be on you and all of heaven and earth can see the shape of whats underneath your cute skirt.
  13. To look your best in all of your skirts, dresses, pants, etc. Keep that good posture rule going. Sit up straight, with your knees closed when needed, and display a lovely lady to the world around you.
  14. Remember, there are lots of different views on modesty, fashion, and clothing in general depending on what culture you find yourself in. When dressing your best for God, make sure He is the focus of your outfit choice, both inside and outside. If you ask Him to, the Holy Spirit will guide you into the best choice for you, and for the people around you.
  15. Don’t forget that children all over the world don’t have the option to be modest… they might not even have the option to get dressed in the morning. Use your outfit-making skills with gratitude and keep in mind to pray for, raise awareness, or go serve the poor who do not have that privilege! For more on this topic, click here.

Having an adorable wardrobe doesn’t have to come at the expense of immodesty. Have a blast making your outfit choices, then pin them on pinterest for others to get some perspective on dressing your best!