Work out playlist Day 7: O Praise Him by David Crowder*Band

Welcome to 10 Days to an Encouraging Work-Out Playlist: Day 7


Today’s song is not your typical work out song… but it is one of the most important songs in my playlist. It is also one of the most prominent memories from my run in the Princess 1/2 Marathon.

Like many women, I sometimes struggle with low-confidence and insecurity. It seems at least once a week I let someone down or let myself down. I face personal failure every day, but it is always magnified when it affects someone else. Today, I walked into the gym with a heavy heart, the weight of a specific failure pressing down on me.

I have a tendency to want to please people. If I receive criticism (and sometimes I just assume I am being criticized), I enter into a wrestling match with my flesh. I know that the opinions of others should not define me: I AM A CHILD OF GOD! But my flesh, my human nature, wants to take over and wallow in self-pity and internal questioning.

Thank goodness for an encouraging playlist. I hear the happy piano trills of David Crowder*Band’s song O Praise Him and I am released…. liberated from all the self-focus, worry, and doubt.

I no longer look to me, what others think of me, or even what I think of me…. “ME” is out of the picture as I am drawn to worship. I crank up the treadmill a little faster, and just PRAISE GOD!

He is so worthy of it. So deserving. And you know what? It is so good for us too! When our focus gets off of us (whether that focus is positive or negative) and back on the “love so rescuing”, we are in the best place we can ever be.

So worship. Run, lift, sing, dance……… praise.

I walked out of the gym with a lighter heart (and a lighter weight) after praising God. He is shaping me; like shaping my body, it is going to take some time, but I know in the end that God, “who began a good work in [me], will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6

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