This one time……I wrote a Book

“I exalt you, I exalt you, You’re the color of my world.”

These song lyrics have been in my head since 3pm yesterday, the moment I typed my last sentence for the Bible Study I have been writing for 3 years.


Birthed in my mind in 2007, this Bible-study for young women has been a long process to becoming something tangible. The road to publishing is still a mile away, but I am so blessed by this journey God is leading me through. Only by His guidance and giving me faithfulness could this have ever happened. Everyone knows it: I’m a vision-caster, not quite a project finisher.

And for that, God gets all the glory…. and I will continue to sing:

“The troubles they are many
And I feel I’m losing
But You rescue me in Your time
Glorious One You redeem all my mistakes

There’s nothing that’s stronger than Your overwhelming grace
And Your truth is my wide open space, I exalt You!”

So now you know why I have been distant from Failures, Faith, and Freckles…. I put the hammer down on all writing till the book was finished, first draft at least.

The road from here, as far as I know (any published friends want to give me the skinny on it?), is:

  1. Post rough draft to the Bible study blog:
  2. Enjoy a grueling process of editing via self and others (any volunteers?)
  3. Comprise final draft
  4. Attain Copyright
  5. Send to publishers (I have been in contact with a few people over at LifeWay (!) so we will see what happens.)
  6. Continue to give glory to God and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading.

The final installments are still on their way up on the Delight-blog, but very soon you should be able to read the full book here.

I’ve had a zillion things I’ve wanted to write about, so look forward to more posts soon.

Oh, and the song, Exalt, is by Rend Collective Experiment, my new worship-band addiction.

just His girl


Be blessed everyone!

~Becky (officially now an author 🙂