Coincidence or Christ-Evidence?

This morning, I was working out some aspects of my identity, specifically that I am in Christ. That is all that matters–not what I do or don’t do, if I am fantastic or Miss-Awesome-Pants or the epic-failure I often see myself as.

None of it matters. I take my eyes off of me, and look at Christ. I preach the gospel to myself.

Well, a funny thing happened. I’ve been listening to various sermons during my work out every day, and today’s specific sermon was about the EXACT same topic: Finding your identity in Christ.


Pastor Mark Driscoll, of Mars Hill Church, uses some of the exact same verses that God was showing me, the same verse I wrote about in my blog.

It is no coincidence that God revealed the same truth twice in one day, and through different avenues. HE knew the truth I needed (and maybe you need it too?). I am so in love with this God that coordinates truth like Spring rain, washing away my false identity, and refreshing my soul. He makes all things new.

Take some time, maybe during your Saturday morning routine, to listen to this important truth. Here is a link to the sermon. You can also get it on itunes.