4 Reasons you should go “all out” for your wedding

all out 2When it comes to a wedding, some people tend to disagree on the amount of celebration necessary. After conversations about having a Christ-Centered wedding, many brides assume they must slice their budget in half to give more money to missions. This is not at all what I suggest, nor is it necessarily what God is asking.

Now, if the Holy Spirit is leading you to worship God through an extravagant financial gift to His kingdom, gather the courage to do so joyfully. (Find creative ideas here.)

Otherwise, remember that your marriage is marvelously important and deserving to be commemorated!  Here are 4 reasons why a Christ-Centered wedding should be celebrated well:

1. Jesus celebrated! He attended a wedding, and when given the opportunity to provide the items for celebration (namely, wine), He went all out! Jesus provided the best wine. Of course, Jesus was not restricted by a budget; but the point is that “going all out” to honor an important event is not a sin.

J.D. Greear pointed this out well in his book, Gospel:

“The point is that Jesus provided good stuff for people at the party because He loved His Father’s creation and knew that by enjoying it we glorify God.” (2011, p. 135)

2. Your marriage is the picture of Christ. God chose marriage as the visual to humanity of His loving sacrifice for His bride (Ephesians 5). All the ups and downs of marriage is a perfect example of the closeness and distance we experience in our devotion to God. But through the cross, Christ made a covenant with us to never leave or forsake us, no matter what our mood is. I can think of no better way to capture that beauty than through marriage-covenant. Our relationship with Christ should be honored. Use your wedding to place value on God’s idea of a self-portrait.

3. By going all out, you are saying to your guests “this matters.” God’s plan for marriage is important. His gift to us is valuable. Our commitment should be commemorated in the best way possible.

Remember, its not all about you (the bride). So you are not communicating your own importance, rather the gravity of the commitment. Go big or go home. Let your wedding leave an impression for your guests on what marriage really is about: covenant between 2 people as the picture of Christ and an example to others. And that calls for a significant celebration.

4. This is God’s incredible gift to you! I remember when my dad purchased a car for my graduation present. Overwhelmed, I felt undeserving of it. I tried to keep very calm and humble about the situation, not wanting to act like a spoiled brat. Later that day, my dad approached me, “what’s wrong with the car, do you not like it? Did I do something to bother you?”

By avoiding “excessive celebration” I gave my dad the impression that I didn’t appreciate his gift. I think we often assume God expects us to be humble and reserved about the blessings He gives us. But like my dad, our Heavenly Father loves to give good gifts! (Luke 11:13)

The prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) didn’t deserve the outpouring of love, the feast, the ring, the acceptance, or the party he received upon returning to his Father. But his Father “killed the fatted calf” and made a HUGE deal out of their relationship. It is good to make a HUGE deal out of something so beautiful and worthy of celebration.

Of course we don’t deserve an amazing husband (or wife). It is God’s lavish gift for us to share a lifetime of love,  children, ministry, joy, hardship, and amazing memories with each other. Not to mention the privilege it is to be one physically with your husband! God knows how to give good gifts, and we should receive and celebrate them happily.

Realize these are not excuses to go into debt for your party. This is simply an encouragement to see your wedding as an important and worthy moment. Be unique and innovative in your plans to celebrate; find ways to make a fantastic party that doesn’t break the bank (subscribe for more ideas to come).

Brides, make it matter. Throw an extra-special shin-dig in commemoration of marriage. Invite your friends and family to don their best party dress and rock-out with you all night long. As you plan your wedding, keep in mind how to glorify God and celebrate His goodness in your life, to the best of your ability.

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