Using your Wedding to Give Generously

giveLooking for ways to make a difference in your life? Your wedding day can be one of them. Here are 7 ways you can impact your world through your Wedding.

  1. Tithe 10% of the cash you receive from your wedding
  2. Purchase as much of your wedding accessories, jewelry, shoes, dresses, and thank-you gifts through a fair-trade company. My friend’s website, Consumers in Christ, hosts some EXCELLENT and stylish suggestions that help men and women all over the world.
  3. Post a charity along with your gift registry. has some great ideas.
  4. Give away your dining wear to a church, low income family, or shelter after your wedding or sell your wedding decorations to raise funds for a family in the process of adoption.
  5. Use Eco-friendly wedding invitations.
  6. After your wedding, visit a nursing home (or ask your bridesmaids/family to) and give each resident one of the flowers from your wedding.
  7. Instead of trashing the dress, sell it and anonymously donate the cash to a single-mom in need.
  8. Take a long look at your budget. Place a star next to the things that you are most excited about. Put a check mark on things you’ve already purchased. Circle anything that is a must-have (officiant, license, etc.) Is there anything left over that you could live without? Anything that could be exchanged for something less expensive (eco-friendly paper cups vs. mason jars). What could you do with the money you save?
  • Put it towards getting out of debt (think school loans, etc.), so you can live more generously later?
  • Or perhaps start a mission’s trip fund for you and your hubby’s next trip (we went to South Africa).
  • Save it as a special R-A-K (random act of kindness) date fund. Save that extra cash in a jar or envelope, and once a month/year, bless someone extravagantly in Jesus name. Or take it on your honeymoon and do the same thing. Purchase someone else’s dinner, or generously tip the host at your hotel … tell him to spend it on his wife. You will love how much fun you have together giving good gifts to others.

Do you have any suggestions? Post them in a comment below!

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