Existing for an audience of One

Summer camp is around the corner.

I am preparing for a week of discipling kids in the Lord. As I do so, a lot comes to mind:

  • Am I getting too old for this?
  • How will I hold these teenagers attention?
  • Will I be an asset to the rest of the staff, or an annoyance?
  • Can I even compete in the sports activities? Will I look like a fool?

I want to honor God well. I want to humbly serve my teammates also. I really want to love those awesome teenagers unconditionally…

But I keep dwelling on my own “appearance”… how I will come across.

I think I do this because I feel “safe” when I am in control. I feel like I wont get hurt, offended, or looked down upon if I can “do everything right.”

Truth reminds me not to dwell on what men think. I must dwell on God,  His work, His success rate, His will, His heart for this ministry. Not only will I effectively shine the spotlight on Jesus, but I will also find the “safety” I am desperate for.

proverbs 29 25

In Christ, I am found. My identity is safe–daughter of the King. No one else’s opinion matters.

This verse keeps my head on straight. Not just in ministry, or with people I want to serve well. It is truth for every aspect of my life.

I exist for an audience of one.


Where do you tend to seek the approval of men?
How have you found peace and confidence in your identity in Christ and His approval?