Morning Habit #3: Drink Tea

drink tea

 Or Coffee.

Drink tea or coffee or whatever beverage fits the occasion of the day.

Just savor it.

Smell the aroma, relish the liquid warming you from the inside out. Even on hot summer mornings. Let it thaw your heart to be receptive to God and others throughout the day.

And drink it in a charming mug.

Something that makes you smile. I have several favorites, including a mug I found on sale a Pier 1. The handle is shaped like a parakeet. It is adorable.

Or this orange mug, from Starbucks. My amazing friend sent it along with the tea and card pictured, to help me celebrate the completion of my writing studio. She is amazing (and an excellent photographer. All of my photos with the “AG” symbol are from her. Amazing talent I tell you. Catch more of her gift to humanity  Here.)


Because tea is amazing. And it forces you to stop and enjoy the little things. Good way to start the day.

I think there are some other health benefits, but I don’t remember them right now. For me, tea is best taken with 2 scoops of meaningful music, and one lump of a journal in my lap.

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