Morning Habit #7: Dress for a Purpose

dressed for a purposeOk, I definitely struggle with this.

At the moment, I am a “stay at home wife.” My husband’s job has strange hours, so we both decided it would be best if I was available when he was. So I work from home (sort of), by maintaining our college ministry administration stuff, and writing.

I hope this will make the eventual transition to “stay at home mom” a little easier, but we will see. The one thing I have mastered is staying in my pajamas all day.

Well, really my pj’s are more like work out clothes, but that doesn’t mean I am actually working out.

This is one habit I really need to change.

Lately I’ve been asking as I get dress, “what’s the purpose?”

I am not going into the office. I will probably just be cleaning or writing most of the day. And, regardless of how lazy my outfit choice is, there are still people trolling Walmart who make me look just fine.

But I realized my day has much more meaning than that. I am a wife to an amazingly diligent man. With the right attitude, I can help to be his sanctuary, his “welcome home”, in the way I present myself. So I’ve been dressing with a purpose: to be a complimentary and welcoming wife to my husband.

I put on a cute pair of jeans and a comfy white t-shirt. The picture above is actually one that Shane took randomly one day. I take it to mean he liked the way I looked. So I try to dress for him more often. I want him to feel like he is worth the effort.

Of course, I feel better about myself too. When I put a little bit of effort into it, for Shane and for me, the day goes well. Or maybe the day is a disaster, but at least I don’t look like a disaster.

We have a lot of power in our outfit choice. We can be completely self-centered about it, wearing whatever we feel is comfy, or will draw the most (or least) attention to ourselves.

Or we can say that the people around us are worth the effort. Whether its our family, loved ones, co-workers, or co-shoppers at the Walmart line.

How about you? Do you struggle to dress for attention, or are you like me who hardly puts any effort into her wardrobe? How can you start a fantastic morning habit and dress in a way that honors God and brings a loveliness to the world?