Morning Habit #8: Accomplish Something

to do listWhat better way to start your day than by finishing something. I think it sets a tone of productivity for the rest of my waking hours.

For me, it doesn’t have to be a huge thing! I don’t always have time in the AM to finish a big project. But I CAN start it.

It helps to break my “to-do” list down into smaller chunks. So if I have “Laundry” on the list, I might break it down to “towels”, “darks”, and “sheets.”

For the initial feeling of accomplishment, I’ll get sheets in the washer and hang them to dry within a half hour. Bam, by the time I’m done with a few stretches and a Bible study, I’ve got something done.

The trouble I get into is “one-track-mind” syndrome. Working from home allows me this luxury/problem.

If I get one thing done, I want to get it all done in that specific category. I will spend hours working on a set of tasks, creating more ways to accomplish within that category, while the rest of my list gets pushed aside.

I quite literally did this a month ago while editing my book. I even forgot to eat lunch.

I accomplished quite a bit, but my house was still a mess, my freelance writing deadlines were whizzing by, and my husband got home and I was still in my pajamas!

I think the key is this: take the feeling of accomplishment and sprinkle it on every thing in your path, like the accomplishment fairy. Don’t become so fixated you become the get-it-done monster.

Ok, maybe this is something I still need to work on. I would appreciate your suggestions.