Morning Routine: 10 Go for a Jog


Catch that sunrise. Breathe in the clear air before the smog settles in.

Sounds wonderful… now, but not at 5:55am. I have a really hard time motivating myself to actually jump out of bed a little earlier to go for a walk first thing. I don’t think that 20 minutes of sleep actually do anything for me, but they are very convincing in the moment.

So, in order to win the debate against my snooze button and embrace the fresh morning air, I will now list 7 reasons WHY a morning jog is just so sensational:

1. Jogging (or walking) in morning is a heart-healthy habit. It gets the blood pumping. Reminds me to avoid walking around zombie-style all day, as if I don’t have a pulse. I may not need to be aware of my cardio-vascular system in my mid-twenties, but its never too early to start a habit that will be helpful later.

2. It reminds me to stretch. It is awkward to run without stretching my muscles first. So it helps me kick out 2 healthy habits in one.

3. Here’s what I get to jog by every morning:

These epic alpacas are owned by the campus where we live, but we feel a certain attachment to them. They are, after all, our closest neighbors.

I feel like this reason alone should be sufficient. But I will continue.

4. 15 minutes of outdoor-activity freshens my perspective. I realize life is not all about laundry, missed blog posts, morning breath, and sleeping in. There is a big, bright world out there with God’s fingerprints all over it. Great reminder that the same beauty is imprinted on me. I am a beautiful part of creation too.

5. Jogging helps me stay in shape. I can strive to preserve the masterpiece God made me to be as a part of His creation.

6. It gives me a chance to listen to a motivating sermon podcast or my encouraging work out playlist. It’s another way I can multitask habits for a fantastic morning routine. I can simultaneously pursue outer fitness and focus on my inner-self looking more like Christ.

7. Cold showers feel great after a swift jog. I don’t worry about Shane taking all the hot water. Also, cold showers set a different tone for the day: energy and get-go. This is a productive change from my hot shower routine…. lackadaisical and dragging.

There you have it: 7 reasons not to hit the snooze button…Here’s to keeping up good habits in the morning!