Fear Factor Friday: Observing the Selah

Fear is a factor present in our world today.

I am committed to knowing, both in mind and heart, God’s perspective on fear. Keep a look out for “Fear-Factor Fridays,” where I will share my discoveries on the subject.

For today, rest with me in this:


I LOVE that God mandates a Selah*, or an “interlude.” This word means to “pause and reflect.”

Musically, we might view it as a signal for a instrumental “solo.” But I think “Selah” is also a call to meditation: “every day, God carries you in His arms, now just stop and think about that for a while.”

In a world where nothing seems certain, I need that reminder. From my kitchen countertop to the global community, chaos seems to be hanging in the air. I feel precarious about our living situation, our income, my potential as a writer, my potential to be a mother someday. Short of my relationship with God and my relationship with Shane, it is all unclear.

So settles in the fear.

And I want to tackle that fear. Take it captive. Tell it to go away. Rebuke the attitude, the spirit of insecurity. Ask God for a change of heart. After all, I know that, ultimately, I should be trusting in my almighty God, not unstable things, to be my security.

But that nerve-racking stirring in the pit of my stomach doesn’t go away.

In my desperation to take action, I often rush to the next step: “… ok God, thanks for carrying me, now lets get down to business, to defeat the huns, I mean, the fear.”

Instead, I need to pause–relishing in the fact that I am the daughter of a God who loves me and CARRIES me through:

Maybe victory doesn’t always mean defeating the antithesis. Sometimes victory looks like rising above the whole situation, carried in God’s arms.

That deserves Selah. When I rest in this truth, when I “insert an interlude” into my busy mind, and action-oriented heart, I find peace.

I am praying the same for you today.

In faith,


P.S. I want to hear from you!

Resting in God’s truth isn’t easy. Let’s brainstorm some ideas on what that looks like!

How do you observe the act of “Selah”, to relish in the truth of God’s love? 

*I am so blessed to have a beautiful niece whose name is Selah. She is a beautiful and constant reminder in my life to pause and meditate on the truths of God… even if she is a little ball of energy most of the time.