The Quest to Rise Early

Anyone else having a hard time waking up these fine Autumn mornings? The daylight is shy these days.

I need help from my readers! If I am ever going to embrace a Fantastic Morning Routine, I am going to have to wake up (and get up) with more gumption than I have.

Please send me your tips for waking up well!

Why do I desperately crave to wake up earlier?

  • Because those early hours provide room to be quiet.
  • Because in the stillness, truth is finally louder than demands.
  • Because meeting with God shapes my day. I want to wake up with this perspective: He has met all my needs and will walk me through.
  • Because “Breakfast with Jesus” reminds me that it is finished.
  • Because when I miss it, I spend my day searching for something to satisfy, be it food, attention, or even a sense of accomplishment.


I may not be proud of my sluggish start this morning, but I will remain satisfied in The Lord today. He is all I seek, and I have found my hearts desire.

It is 9AM already, and I have more on my to-do list than a late morning start can work with. In theory, my satisfied soul can go back to bed now… but there is still a day to be lived! Thankfully I can live it from a place of fulfillment in Christ.

Perhaps tomorrow I can meet with Jesus a few minutes earlier.


Thanks for posting your tips below! Ill try them out and let you know how the Quest to Rise Early works out over the next few weeks.

In Faith,













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