Open Letter to Momma’s waiting to Adopt

This post was originally published in 2012.

I recently read a blog post by a woman who is in the process of adopting. Her words were heartfelt and beautiful. She and her husband wrestled with the waiting process, the longing for their child. It could be years of waiting.


Like many waiting to adopt, this woman expressed her concern for the child, who is also waiting:

Who’s taking care of them?

Who’s making sure they are fed?

Is anyone reading them books?

Who’s tucking them in at night?

A flood of emotion hit me as I realized that, although they may be lacking the normal life that you and I know, they are still loved by Him. He knows their name.

Her trust in the Lord touched me deeply. Read her story here.
I LOVE that I can respond to this woman with the assurance she is absolutely RIGHT!

Dear Mommies and Daddies waiting for your precious child to come home,

I want to encourage you. Each orphan waiting for a forever home is so deeply loved by their Father in Heaven. And He loves them in such a tangible way… He even occasionally gives us the honor of being His hands and feet.

How do I know first hand?

In the summer of 2012, the Lord called me to a first hand experience as His tangible love for orphaned babies in Johannesburg, South Africa. So, although I may not have held your future child, I did hold someone’s baby, and was so blessed to be a steward of such a precious gift. It was only a month, but I am happy to announce to all patient parents on the adoption waiting list:

Yes, someone made sure your baby was fed… I did. Actually, I gladly welcomed slobbery orange baby-food spit in my face in order to keep your baby nourished. I prayed for him to swallow each bite, even when his tonsils were swollen and he struggled to breathe and eat.

It wasn’t just me. Several beautiful young women, a couple of great guys, and an amazing local team with warm hearts clocked-in to love your baby day-in and day-out with a smile.

We read books to your daughter. No, we didn’t just read stories to her, we created stories about her, how she would ride the great seas as a strong sea captain, or fight off evil lobsters with her trusty first mate.

Did I tuck in your baby at night? Of course. I snuggled him in a cozy set of footsie pajamas, the kind with the bear ears on the hood; then I tickled his tummy, sang him and lullaby, and prayed for God to bring him to salvation through faith at an early age.

Not only that, but we danced. We crawled together. We giggled and played. We took pictures. We got thrown up on. We cried. We still cry.

But we were thinking of you the entire time. Your little boy and I exchanged glances now and again, knowing this was only a temporary blessing. Someday the wait would be over and he would meet you: his mom and dad. The ones waiting on the other side of the world.

Your little one left his fingerprints all over my heart. God knows when you will hold her, when you will rock him to sleep, when you will get thrown up on; but until then, we who live as the Hands and Feet of Jesus are truly blessed to give temporary snuggles.

Those snuggles will last a lifetime in my memory.

Yours (and your child’s) truly,

Becky Rosty

*Photo features my dear friend, Andy, who offered just as much love for your soon-to-be son or daughter. We never stop praying for them.