Give as you Go: Space

Another way to give as we go is by making space. Not schedule space, we talked about that yesterday. I am talking about bursting our personal bubble to let others in. This is extra difficult for those of us “no-touchy” types (Jesse Katsopoulos from Full House, Kuzco from Emporers New Groove, etc.).

give as you go

From my studies this week, I read that Boaz noticed Ruth, a foreigner, and made space for her. (Ruth 2:14)

I know there are people in my community who feel like outsiders. I am trying to intentionally let go of “my space” and welcome them to be near me. Here are some practical ways to do so:

How to Intentionally make room for people to get close to you.

  • While sitting at the cafeteria or coffee shop, feel free to put your phone down and invite someone new to sit with you.
  • Offer a hug to the “outsider” at your church. We all have that one annoying, smelly, awkward, person in our community. Be Jesus hands and feet and wrap love around them, even if only for a moment.
  • Offer a smile to that person of a different culture or language. A beautiful Muslim friend of mine won’t respond to a hand-shake, but she will definitely take a smile and genuinely look into your eyes as an offer of friendship.
  • Purposefully sit next to the “loner” on the bus or in class. Ask questions and really listen. Or be a silent friend and encouraging presence.
  • On the airplane, be gracious about the arm rest for the person sitting next to you. Be conversational, if God gives you the opportunity. Or ask to pray for the person.

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