How to Update Your Swimsuit for Vacation Season

Ok, I don’t have a bunch of fun tips to update your swimwear for an upcoming beach vaca…

but, I do have a little quiz for you:

Q. What do Power Rangers, Audrey Hepburn, and your favorite Pinterest swimsuits have in common?

A. Jessica Ray!

  • Former Power Ranger (the white one)
  • Swimsuit designer (you’ve probably seen her designs on Pinterest)
  • Author and inspirational speaker (Her  book is called Decent Exposure)

This lady is worth 9 1/2 minutes of your time. She is fascinating, beautiful, and has a meaningful message.

I am committed to finding great fashion along side my quest for modesty. Jessica Rey puts into words exactly what I believe about our bodies. God created us (yes women too) in His image. That image should not be “hidden” per say, but rather displayed with dignity, confidence, and to the glory of God. I was very intrigued by the information she presents in her talk “The Evolution of the Swimsuit.” In fact, I couldn’t say it better myself.

So please enjoy her message here:

I also had so much fun looking at her design line! With vacation season right around the corner, you might like to update your swimming suit options. Shop for an ADORABLE swimsuit at Rey Swimwear, where each piece is inspired by the various characters of the gorgeous and graceful, Audrey Hepburn.

My favorite is definitely “Jo” ($49.00) inspired by “Funny Face” (watch the preview for this “s’marvelous” film, here).

I am not affiliated with Rey Swimwear, but I am happy to promote a woman and business with an encouraging perspective of women and fashion.