Our Pregnancy Announcement: Time for S'more Rostys!


As many of you know, s’mores have played a pretty big role in Shane and my life. We built our friendship over a campfire, had a s’more bar at our wedding, and even shared a “unity s’more” during our marriage ceremony. It was only fitting that we use s’mores to announce the big news to our families.

We decided to wait till Christmas to share the news with our families. While this was undeniably difficult, the surprise-keeping was very good for us. It drew us closer together and forced us to continue celebrating within our own relationship before sharing it with the world. We prepared our exciting news in the form of a Christmas gift, to be given to our parents.

The first small box contained a s’mores kit all wrapped up, with our first sonogram at the bottom of the box.

The second box held these adorable onesies I designed at a local printing shop.

Twins are s'more fun

The day finally came to exchange gifts with my family. My mom thoroughly squealed at the news of my pregnancy. She didn’t believe me when I said “Twins!” Her reaction was priceless. (Who knows, maybe America’s Funniest Home Videos will think so too.)

photo 1-2photo 1-2introducing: Grandma Congerphoto 3-2photo 2-2photo 4

The next day, we surprised Shane’s parents for lunch. We used the same gifts. I didn’t get as many pictures, but you can still see the joy on everyone’s faces.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Our incredible friends had some fantastic reactions too!

photo 3 photo 4photo 5

Mr. Darcy doesn’t know what to think. Aside from occasionally jumping on my tummy, he has been pretty cuddly with me. We make excellent napping buddies.
photo 1

I can’t believe how blessed we are with such supportive friends and family! Thank you to everyone.

photo 2


Shane and Becky