Twins-in-progress: week 10

We are still playing catch up with the pregnancy timeline journal. This post is from my 10th week of pregnancy, a week in which Shane and I spent like hermits. The weather was cold, and aside from a few very special visitors, we snuggled up in our warm house and avoided life in general. With all that relaxing, we forgot to take a bump-progress picture. Oh well, our “announcement picture” will have to do:

10 Weeks: December 29-January 4

week 10

How far along? 10 weeks (2 months and 2 weeks)

Babies are the size of: Prunes (who eats prunes anymore?)

Weight gain: 0

Maternity clothes? I went through a box of preggers clothes that my sister passed on to me. I haven’t worn any of it yet, but it is sorted and ready.

Sleep: Decent

Best moment this week: Catching up with friends and daydreaming about baby showers and bringing the twins home (it is still a little overwhelming!)

Miss Anything? My Abs! I was starting to feel toned before this pregnancy. I notice more and more (like when I sneeze or cough) how much my tummy is changing and making room. I look forward to having energy soon to resume a safe workout.

Movement:  not yet

Food cravings: Sour things, strawberry Ice cream. (Still grossed out by chocolate)

Anything making you queasy or sick: The smell of coffee, the thought of chicken.

Gender prediction: Shane still thinks they are boys. I am starting to agree with him. But, according to the “Sleep Position” test (sleep on the left=boy, right=girl), I am having ONE OF EACH, because I switch back and forth. We will see!

Labor Signs: Nope.

Symptoms:  Not as much morning sickness this week. Looking forward to moving on from the lack-of-appetite.

Mood: Blessed

Lullaby of the week: I Get to Be the One, by JJ Heller. I can’t wait to stare into their eyes and sing this:

“Well hello, little baby. Your eyes have never seen the sun.
You should know, little baby, that I am the lucky one. 
I get to be the one to hold your hand… through Birthdays and broken bones, I’ll be there to watch you grow, I get to be the one.”

Truth I’m dwelling on: This is going to be a big year. While 2013 was relatively calm, I feel now we are in the crescendo of this great masterpiece God is composing for our lives. I just keep giving Him praise for His goodness.

Looking forward to: Lighting up my blog and Facebook with the news! I am so appreciative of all our friends’ and families’ support, so I can’t wait to share!

And it was such a blast to share the news that week. Thanks for reading and catching up with the Rosty’ Twins!