Twins-in-progress: week 12

This is the final catch up post! From here on out, we should be in real time with my pregnancy. 

12 Weeks: January 12-18

12 weeks

How far along? 12 weeks (3 months!)

Babies are the size of: Plums

Weight gain: 0

Maternity clothes: I have purged my closet of anything I can’t wear anymore, but I am still holding out in yoga pants and loose tank tops. I’ll see some of those other clothes sometime next year hopefully. It will be like free shopping!

Sleep:. I am a champion nap-taker. Night time is when my mind seems to play Steven Spielberg (I come up with the craziest scenarios for my real life and my dreams).

Best moment this week: Tie:

  1. Seeing the babies again (pictures below!)
  2. Seeing out new house coming along so quickly!
The Twins' room has drywall and texture now!
The Twins’ room has drywall and texture now! Next up: PAINT!

Miss Anything? The sunshine! But I don’t think that is pregnancy related.

Movement: We saw these cuties on the ultrasound on Thursday, January 16. They truly looked like they were chillaxin’ in a pair of hammocks! We could see their legs and arms, heartbeats, brains, and spinal chords. But no boy/girl parts yet! While it was so much fun to see them again, I am still not feeling any movement yet.Baby A

Baby B


man of the yearAnything making you queasy or sick:. I still don’t like chicken. I decided to suck it up and make some for Shane though (cause I”m a good wife). I put a bag of frozen chicken in the fridge to thaw, and of course, it leaked NASTY chicken juice all over! A chicken-juice-waterfall of gross-ness trickled all the way from the top shelf, spreading onto the next two shelves of leftovers, and even into the bottom drawers with my beloved fresh-spinach and green apples.

Oh. My. YUCK! I have never been so grateful for this man right here, and his stoic selflessness to clean the fridge for me. He was so cool about it too! His sense of humor will be the main factor in my survival of this pregnancy (and probably parenthood.)

Food cravings: in addition to the tropical fruits, tropical drinks (feel free to bring me a pima-colada smoothie)… I am now craving frozen waffles.

Also, break out the popcorn (with plenty of salt if you want to keep up with this preggo-craving), because looked who “popped” out!popped out!

Gender prediction: This week, I think we have one of each. Shane is still holding out for 2 boys.

Pendulum test (Circle=girls. Back and forth=boys). I did this a few times, 4 out of five it went back and forth. Once it circled around my belly. Another point for one of each!

pendulum test

Labor Signs: Of course not. Praise the Lord.

Symptoms:  I had a hot-flash this week. It took me by surprise as we were on our way to church. I was not aware that hot flashes were a pregnancy symptom, so I got a little panicked. I stripped off my sweater dress in the car and cracked a window to the blessed January breeze. Turns out I am happy it is still winter.

Mood: up and down this week. I was able to hit the gym 5 out of 5 weekdays this week! It is a huge improvement for both my physical and emotional health. I am so happy to have some energy to work out again.

Lullaby of the week: Hold you in my Arms” by Ray LaMontagne

Truth I’m dwelling on: 2 Corinthians 12:9, But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

Looking forward to: Finding out the genders in March!!!

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