Gender Predictions

gender reveal

The time has come! We have 2 weeks before we discover the gender of our twin babies-a-brewin’. How can I stand the wait time? I’ve compiled 10 completely worthless (but still fascinating) gender predictions for our twins:

1. Dry hands test: Dry hands=boy. Soft hands=girl…

I have had very dry hands (and feet) so perhaps we have 2 boys?!

2. Upset stomach test: an extremely upset stomach=girl. Less upset=boy.

I have had a horrible appetite, but I haven’t vomited=another point for the boys.

3. Sleep Position: Left=boy, right=girl…

I switch back and forth, so one of each maybe?

3. Cravings: citrus/sweet=girl. Salt=boy…

I have been craving pineapple, and strawberries. Anything sour really. Also, at last my love for chocolate and other sweet things has returned! However, initially it was all salt cravings= another point for one of each!

4. Acne test: Acne=girl. Clear face=boy…

My face tells me we are having girls.

5. Clumsy test: Clumsy=boy. Graceful=girl…

My track record says I was destined to have boys all along.

6. Mama’s face shape: Full face=girl. Thin face=boy…

Thus far my face has actually thinned out (probably with some of the weight loss). Another point for BOYS.

pendulum test

7. Chinese Gender predictor: you just have to take the test online or find a Chinese gender prediction chart:

Another point for Boys!

8. Pendulum test: Circle=girls. Back and forth=boys…

I did this a few times, 4 out of five it went back and forth. Once it circled around my belly. Another point for Both!

9. Evens and odds: If my age and year of conception are both odd/even, it is a girl. If they are different, it’s a boy.

I was 25 when we conceived in 2013. One point for girls!

10. Heart Beat: Less than 150=boy, more than 150=girl.

Our first ultrasound the heartbeats were 181 and 185. Big point for girls!

The most recent doppler test (at 16 weeks) said we had a 150 and a 140… so maybe these kids have settled down and are trying to tell us they are one of each?

Based on these silly tests we have:

5 points for boys

3 points for girls

4 points for one of each.

But who knows what God has in store for us. Shane still thinks we are having two BOYS. I have no clue anymore.


Cast your vote by commenting below with your gender prediction for our twin babies, due July 26, 2014. Or vote on my Facebook page!

We will let you know the sexes after our gender-reveal party, hosted by our incredible sisters on March 1st.