Twins-in-Progress: Week 15-16

Weeks 15-16 were a blur! I didn’t get a chance to sit down and write an update or take a photo for week 15. Some highlights include babies the size of Oranges (and they feel even bigger in my belly), I bought a birthing ball… which Mr. Darcy hates, and I am now experiencing nose-bleeds, congestion, and headaches. But taking it all in stride! Now on to the week 16 update:

week 1616 Weeks: February 9-15

How far along? Our sweet babies have enjoyed 4 months of life thus far. We celebrated their “Sweet 16” (weeks, of course). In 2030, we will be celebrating their actual Sweet-Sixteen, so you have 16 years and 5 months to enjoy driving on Rosty-twins-free roads. You’re welcome for figuring that out for you.

Babies are the size of: Avocados 

Weight gain: 4 lbs up! (3 more lbs and I will be back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Then it will probably be steady gaining from there.)

Maternity clothes:. Whelp, I can’t wear pre-preggo leggings anymore. They put too much pressure on my bladder. Time for some shopping!

Sleep: Spending my sleepless nights blogging more often…

Exercise: I did poorly these past 2 weeks. But I still fit in some squats and stretches while I brush my teeth.

Best moment this week:. Making a pledge to our babies at a marriage conference. The pledge was about promising future generations that Shane and I will lead a legacy of covenant marriage, selfless love, and consistent pursuit of Jesus. I was so happy thinking about it all, my eyes gushed with happy water.

Miss Anything? Sub-sandwiches.

Movement: I haven’t felt anything yet, but at our OB appointment, the baby on the left kicked the doppler while we were listening for heartbeats. We heard the distinct “woosh” from the rest of the heart beat sounds.

Food cravings: I’ve been living on popcorn.

Anything making you queasy or sick:. I unknowingly ate a slightly rotten banana. That did not go over well. These kids demand top-notch womb service.

Gender prediction: An old-wives-tale predicts that if the mother carries high, it’s a girl. If her belly is low, it’s a boy. With two, I just feel full… ALL THE TIME! It’s like my bladder is full of pee, but I’m actually just full of people. And my tummy is just kind of in the middle…. So that’s a point for one of each!

Labor Signs/prep:. Doing my best to squash my fears and my pride by renewing my mind with the Word of God! I was SO grateful for a conversation with our doctor this week. I asked her about her preference/standard procedure regarding inducing mothers of twins before the due date. She said “absolutely not! We are going to let those kids cook as long as possible.” So as long as my body and their bodies stay healthy, we could be looking at a 41 & 1/2 week journey with these kiddos. I was so relieved to know she is not eager to induce without a legitimate medical reason.

Symptoms: Feeling full, occasional heartburn, congestion.

Mood: Emotional but so excited to be in this stage of life! (I never thought I’d say that, by the way.)

Lullaby of the week: The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra. I can’t wait to sing this sweet swinging-song to our babies… and since they can hear my voice now, I’ve been singing to them more often already!

Truth I’m dwelling on: I have been a little disheartened about my clothing situation. I don’t always feel “cute-preggo”. I really wanted to champion the “wear your pre-preggo clothes” through most of the pregnancy. At 4 months with twins, I am realizing that is an unrealistic expectation. 

Still, I don’t feel comfortable in my clothes, so I end up trying 3 different outfits before I feel and look confident in my skin each day. The memory verse this week in my pregnancy devotion book (Waiting in Wonder, which I highly recommend), is Colossians 3:12:

As God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.

This verse reminds me that there are far more important “fashion statement” to worry about than a cute pregnancy wardrobe. The journal prompt for this day was: Why do you think the qualities mentioned in Colossians 3:12 are especially important for mothers to evidence to their children?

I wrote:

When we remember we are chosen, loved, and pursued by God, we won’t demand that need to be filled from others-our children (or even husbands). Then, we can have a Christ-like selflessness that stems from that satisfaction in Christ. Our kids will receive mercy from us, as we have from Christ. By putting on these holy clothes, I can be a positive example to these kids. With the right focus, I can give them, and me, room to grow in that undeserved grace.

Looking forward to: Discovering the gender of our babies (and then picking out nursery/baby stuff for them).

Thank you for reading and praying for our growing family!