Twins-in-Progress: Week 22

22 Weeks: March 23-29

22 weeks

How far along? 22 weeks (5 months, 2 weeks)

Babies size: papayas

Sleep:  at this point, I am getting used to waking up every couple of hours. Now to be able to stay up and nurse some kids at those points, that’s another story. Good thing I have some time!

Exercise: another week escaped me. I have energy, but I also have a lot of other tasks to do. I just need to shuffle some time and priorities to get my body in shape for the marathon ahead!

Best moment this week: Finally finding cribs I like! What do you think?amazon pic

What do you NOT miss? I realize how depressing this little questions is every week (Miss anything?). So I am changing it to what do I not miss. This week it is zippers on my pants. I do not need zippers and buttons on my pants to feel more human. I like how shapely maternity jeans make my hips. A friend of mine just blogged about “breaking up” with the jeans that gave her a muffin top… (read it here). I am TOTALLY feeling her, and I think women’s jeans should feature the stretchy maternity band business at every stage of life. Of course, this means no showing off our tummies, but I think that would be a glorious fashion trend!

Babies’ Movement: Rolling all around!

Food cravings:  a wonderful woman who works with Shane brought me a FROSTY from Wendy’s this week, out of the blue. Awesome.

GendersBoy and a Girl.

Kids room prep: I think Pinterest is my best friend/worse enemy. There are so many fun ideas! Here’s a few ideas so far from our Twin’s room idea board:

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Labor Signs/prep:. I continue to work on cleaning out the house. I also spend a lot of time in the computer, so I’ve been bouncing on my birthing ball instead of a comfy office chair.

Symptoms: still feeling full, but hungry all the time. When I lay down on my side, my tummy feels like a bowling ball in a flimsy grocery bag… not sure if I am going to burst or not.

Mood:  happy, but overwhelmed sometimes. There’s a lot going on this month! And I feel that my window of productivity is closing. Hey, at least I am being reproductive if not productive. 🙂

Lullaby of the week: When I’m with You, by JJ Heller

Truth I’m dwelling on: Quit elevating my own potential for failure, and start emphasizing the promise of God’s faithfulness in my life (especially when thinking about motherhood/raising twins and our coming world-traveler)

Looking forward to: Baby showers!!!!