Twins-in-Progress: Week 25


25 Weeks: April 13-19

How far along? 25 weeks (6 months, 1 week)

Babies size: . Cauliflower heads

What’s new with babies? blinking. swallowing, grasping (hopefully not at each other’s throats)

Sleep:  I am starting to get used to late night hunger, tossing and turning.

Exercise: I started following my 10 habits for a Fantastic Morning Routine this week. Between the Bible study/journal time and the daily walking and stretching, I am starting to feel a little bit more like myself again!

Best moment this week:  Working on the house with my man.

What do you miss/NOT miss?  I miss coffee…. so much.

Babies’ Movement:  I got to hear their heartbeats this week. As usual, our Right Ninja was kicking at the doppler. Lil’ lefty, who is usually much quieter, has started reminding me that she is, indeed, in there. I enjoy most of their kicks, except the ones on my bladder!

Food cravings: Craving oatmeal cookies again. So I made a batch, but they all turned out hard. I don’t have the patience for baking. 🙁

Genders:  a Boy and a Girl.

Kids room prep: Got the trim all painted! Waiting on carpet.

Labor Signs/prep:  No contractions yet. For now, I am trying to balance moderate exercise and putting my feet up. For an all-or-nothing kind of girl, this is really difficult.

Symptoms: Extreme moodiness. I’m pretty sure one of my college students will never ask a pregnant lady for boyfriend advice again. I accidentally broke a vase during our conversation (clumsy prego that I am) and completely lost it. Just when I able to laugh off my weepiness, I sneezed and experienced another first for pregnancy and peed myself a little bit. It was all quite comical in the end and I sat down with a bowl of ice cream and a 90’s chick flick and called it a day.

Mood: In addition to the above hysteria, I have this irrational feeling like I’ve done something wrong. Thankfully, it was the week before Easter! The daily reminder that Jesus’s death and resurrection gives me victory over my mistakes (imagined ones too) is so freeing.


Lullaby of the week:  My Dear by Bethel Music.



Truth I’m dwelling on: This season is quite a process of patience! God reminds me that “Unless The Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain,” Psalm 127:1. This applies to everything: growing babies, filling out adoption papers, purging our current home, and sweating over our new one… So much “work” and yet nothing matters if not done in Christ.

Looking forward to:  Getting the house finished so I can work on little projects for the kids room