Spring Cleaning Tips (for the Home and the Heart)

spring cleaningAnyone gearing up for Spring cleaning!?

As we prepare to move into a new home and welcome two new humans into our life, I have been compelled to conduct an epic pre-move purge.

I have also committed to opening my heart to the Holy Spirit’s Spring cleaning in preparation for the coming changes.

My anthem for this journey is this:

Psalm 139


As I search and “try” each aspect of our home, I am asking God to do the same in my heart. (My pup is less than interested in this adventure and will probably continue sleeping through it all.)

For the next few days, I’ll be posting my steps to empty both my home and heart of what doesn’t belong. I hope you join me for this time of sanctifying our homes and hearts, from the inside out.

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Campfire Check in:

What room needs the most attention in your home? How about your heart?