Twins-in-Progress: Week 26

26 weeks

26 Weeks: April 20-26

How far along? 26 weeks (6 months, 2 week)

Babies size: about 2 lbs. each!

What’s new with babies? Making melanin (skin pigment) as I am trying not to burn mine in all this sunshine!

Exercise: Doing well with the healthy habits. My doula and dear friend and sister-in-law keeps me accountable 🙂

Best moment this week:  Meeting my friend Kelsey’s brand new baby Whitney! Visiting her at the hospital made me so giddy to meet our babies. Been having lots of dreams about D-day. Unfortunately I wake up disappointed that they aren’t here yet. I am too excited!

What do you miss/NOT miss?  I miss cold-cut sandwiches, stamina, and laying on my back.

Babies’ Movement: Lil’ Lefty is much more active now, finally keeping up with her brother. This means I can sit down and watch my tummy do contortionist style movements all day.

Food cravings: I feel I disappoint everyone who asks about my food cravings. No “pickles and ice cream” for me. Just normal stuff.

Genders:  a Boy and a Girl.

Kids room prep: I picked out a pallet this week:IMG_4446

Walls: Sea Foam Green and Pineapple Upside Down Cake

I hope to paint the dresser in this Warm Gold and use the Peach-apricot for accents. I think it will complement the nature-adventure thing we have going so far. I don’t know about the babies, but I think I am going to enjoy spending lots of time in that room 🙂

Labor Signs/prep:  I am focusing more time on not “hammocking” the babies. By sitting up straight and maintaining good posture, I hope to ensure babies are facing my back (not sunny side up). They will “recline” against the front of my tummy instead, giving them optimal position for chin-tucking on delivery day. It’s definitely not as comfy, especially when I am watching TV or working at my computer, but I want to be as proactive as possible.

Symptoms: I had another rough week of balancing rest and productivity. In doing so, I eat quickly, which leads to indigestion. Sometimes I think I have pre-term labor signs, but God is faithful to keep me from becoming anxious and help me differentiate between digestion issues and actual labor.

Mood: Working towards those good habits again has really helped my moods.

Lullaby of the week:  I Dream of You by JJ Heller… it quite accurately describes my week 🙂

by the way, JJ Heller has written an adorable children’s book about dreams. I look forward to sharing it with our kids someday:

Truth I’m dwelling on: God’s love is endless! As many smiles I may have while dreaming of our son and daughter (and world traveler too), He has so many more for me, and for them as well!

Looking forward to: the camping themed co-ed baby shower our friends are hosting for us this Sunday (I’ll post about it next time!)