Twins-in-Progress: Week 27


27 weeks27 Weeks: April 27- May 3

How far along? 6 months, 3 weeks

Babies size: about 2 lbs. each!

What’s new with babies? Babies currently have more taste buds now than at birth.

What’s new with Mama? Feeling more active these days… working hard to get stuff done. It’s just slightly difficult to work around such a huge sphere of human-making.

Rockin' the tiger stripes!
Rockin’ the tiger stripes!


Exercise: I organized a list of helpful stretches and exercises, both for the mind and the body, to prepare for natural birth. Pinterest was a huge help, as were several friends.


Best moment this week:  Camping-themed baby shower with amazing friends!

notes on the diapers
notes on the diapers
Hopes and wishes for babies
Hopes and wishes for babies
S'mores pops!
S’mores pops!
Lovely hosts
Lovely hosts

What do you miss/NOT miss?  I do not miss cleaning the bathroom (thanks husband!!!)

Babies’ Movement: Our little boy keeps tickling me. It is so much fun to feel these babies and remember the great purpose God has given me.

Food cravings: Lots of ice cream.

Genders:  a Boy and a Girl.

Kids room prep: We painted!!!

actually, this lovely lady (and the 3rd host for our baby shower) mastered the painting for this room (with her great husband).
actually, this lovely lady (and the 3rd host for our baby shower) mastered the painting for this room (with her helpful husband).
We are so thankful for helping hands!
We are so thankful for friends and family!

Labor Signs/prep:  Still no noticeable contractions.

Symptoms: Starting to lose my appetite again 🙁

Mood: Still up and down. As per this textbook pregnancy has gone thus far, I am now at the stage where feelings of hopelessness settle in. I catch myself spiraling down a negative path of no return. Shane is helpful to bring me out of it. As is the “truth I’m dwelling on” below.

Lullaby of the week:  more dreaming’…. All I do Is Dream of You.

IMG_5378Truth I’m dwelling on: I continue to work toward memorizing Psalm 46… remembering that God is a very present help in trouble. He is not coming later, or when He gets done with His other God-sized things. My God is omnipresent and He is VERY present in each moment. I find such comfort in that.

Posting all these pictures reminds me that my friends and family are also a very present help. I am beyond blessed!


Looking forward to: Maternity pics! (but for now, this one will have to do … look at that belly!)