Twins-in-Progress: Week 28


28 weeks

My incredible older sister helped us celebrate our “sweet peas” with an ultra-creative baby shower! I loved the whimsical nature of the whole day (thanks for being amazing Rachel!!!). Enjoy the pictures throughout this update!


28 Weeks: May 4-10

_DSC0147How far along? 7 Months

Babies size: about 2 1/2 lbs. each!

What’s new with babies? Ultrasound confirmed both babies are head down. Lil’ Lefty still likes to play with her toes above her head, so in a way she is also “feet down”. My man-cub is still quite the show-off with all of his activity.

What’s new with Mama? My belly measured 30 weeks at my OB appointment this week. I also have “nesting” spurts (which is difficult since we haven’t moved into our “nest” yet. I spend a lot of time on crafts for the babies’ room.)

measuring the planet, ahem, belly.
measuring the planet, ahem, belly.

Exercise: Started a prenatal yoga class and love it! I am also continuing my daily stretches and relaxation exercises.

_DSC0151Best moment this week: It was my first Mother’s Day! Both babies gave me plenty of kicks to show their love.


What do you miss? energy

Babies’ Movement: Consistent kicks and rolls. I learned this week that Lil’ Lefty’s placenta is located on the left side of my belly, which is why it is harder to feel her movements than on the right (the ninja’s placenta is on my back).

Food cravings: Sweet and cinnamony croissants… don’t know where to find them though… these adorable cupcakes definitely sufficed 🙂


Genders:  a Boy (sucking on his fingers)IMG_5408

and a Girl. (playing with her toes above her head)IMG_5407

Kids room prep: Taking inventory and making shopping lists._DSC0156

Labor Signs/prep:  Pushing myself to more diligence in my posture and Optimal Fetal Positioning exercises. No complications or labor signs yet.

Symptoms: Bruising on my stretch marks. A little bit of acne on my chest.

Mood: Pretty positive this week. I have been increasingly proactive to spend time in prayer, preach truth to myself (instead of listen to my emotions), and memorize Scripture.

Lullaby of the week:  Oh my God/I am a Seed by The Digital Age (formerly David Crowder Band)

This fast paced, blue-grass worship always gets me motivated, whether to work out or to start “nesting.” I appreciate the line, “I’m born all over again, death will lose and we will win.” My children will experience their first birth in a short couple months, but for me, this season is another time of rebirth: putting my flesh to death like a seed trampled down, and coming alive in my new identity as a mother in Christ.

Of course, Shane and I daily pray for our little boy and sweet lady to experience the most important rebirth of salvation someday.

_DSC0146 _DSC0149

Truth I’m dwelling on: I have permission to focus on the few. I want to be everywhere, with everyone, accomplishing everything… but I need to be faithful in the little things and let that be enough. Focus on the “Sweet Peas” right?

_DSC0152Looking forward to: a trip to Baby’s R Us with my sweet mama (and hopefully to see my sister try on her wedding dress!!)