Twins-in-Progress: Week 35-36

Been another whirlwind couple of weeks! I’d like to thank everyone who offered prayers and perspective regarding our birth decisions. I have deeply appreciated our relationship with Dr. Rice in Buffalo. With Lil-lefty consistently breech, we had to decide whether to have a C-section in Buffalo or find a new direction. Dr. Rice understood my wishes, and was gracious enough to refer us to a perinatologist in Billings who is confident about vaginal birth with twins. Our plan is to have a vaginal birth in Billings, with a breech extraction for baby B. As long as we go into labor spontaneously in the next week we won’t have to do an induction!

Even as we were meeting with Dr. Damron in Billings, I still wasn’t sure. All week long, I had been praying for discernment. The Holy Spirit never gave me a “this is the plan” moment, but He did lead my husband. As soon as we left Billings Clinic, Shane exclaimed, “we are going to have our babies here!” He was so confident about the doctors and facilities. My hormonal and wavering mentality desperately needed that kind of rock-solid assurance. I am so grateful that God works to meet my needs through the direction of Shane. What a blessed partnership.

On that note, we celebrated our 4th Anniversary of covenantal marriage, and couldn’t be happier! I’m sure you want to know the stats of the weeks, so without further ado….

35 36 week

35-36 Weeks 35-36: June 22-July 5

How far along? 9 months

Babies size: Honeydews.

What’s new with babies? Not much. Just chillin’ at around 5 1/2 to 6 pounds each

What’s new with Mama? I’m snoring now, which is new. My belly measures “42 weeks” but still doesn’t seem humongous. I’m beating the heat with lots of pool-time and relaxing in the air conditioning of our new home.

Weight Gain: none.

Sleep: I am getting used to the “roll over every 20 minutes to keep my hands from tingling” kind of interrupted sleep… not sure Shane is used to it yet.

Exercise: Been pushing myself a lot more these past weeks. Long walks with Mr. Darcy (when it’s cool enough), yoga and squats. Even if I don’t get these babies out sooner than later, at least I’ll have toned thighs!

Best moment this week: We celebrated our Anniversary, (June 25, 2010) while in Billings for the perinatologist check up. The OB appointment was LOOOONG and mentally exhausting. For whatever reason, I was craving a root-beer float, to which Shane whole-heartedly agreed. We found an A&W at a gas station on the edge of town, doubting it would have the old-fashioned “chilled mugs” we were hoping for. Alas, A&W came through and we were quite elated!IMG_5593

banjo loveAfterward, we visited the all-time-best music store ever, Guitars & Amps, like we do every trip to Billings. Shane played with the banjos and I purchased a replacement uke for the one lost during pregnancy-brain season. I love how the babies settle down to the sweet strums of this tropical instrument.

Finally, Shane took me to Ciao Mambo. This restaurant is life-changing (I’ve blogged about it before here). We ordered Italian nachos from heaven and went to town (ahem, the pregnant lady went to town, Shane was still full from the floats). A complimentary square of tiramisu to celebrate 4 years of married bliss, and we were off to our own bed and comfy new home. It wasn’t a grand honeymoon or anything, but I can’t express how blessed I am for little moments like those with my good-looking’ man.

What do you miss/NOT miss? I miss jogging and hiking and bike riding. I do not miss how frustrated I get at the beginning of every summer when I’m not as in shape to enjoy these activities.

Babies’ Movement: Turns out, the Right ninja has his little bum (not feet) in my right side ribs. He is one tall boy already. Lil’ lefty is still breech; I like to think that she simply likes to cuddle near my heart. I am so eager for those cuddles with her on my chest.

Food cravings: Found the holy grail of pregnancy food: raspberry-filled oatmeal cookies. After I posted their praise on Facebook, a very kind friend made me home-made raspberry oatmeal bars! I’ve also craved green beans, yogurt, and peaches these past few weeks.

Genders:  a Boy and a Girl.

Labor Signs/prep: No labor signs yet. I am now further identified as an anomaly because I have passed the most common week for twin birth (week 36). After our visit with Dr. Damron gave me something to prep for, and I finally wrote my birth plan.IMG_5601

My mom and I tackled a unique sewing project: a birth-skirt! I like the idea of feeling less like a patient, more like a champion-of-birth during labor and delivery. Birth skirts can be a little pricey online, so we made our own out of 3x men’s swim-trunks.IMG_5597

With a sports bra or bikini top, I feel a bit more like I’m gearing up for the sporting-event of my life (which is definitely how I’ve been “training” for birth this last month too).IMG_5602

Symptoms: Essential oils have helped my rashes, acne, and congestion. I am still not “super uncomfortable”, despite the sympathy comments I get from perfect strangers. I feel energetic and at peace with the current pregnancy circumstances and birth plan.

Mood: Blessed and at peace, but really ready to meet these babies!!!

Lullaby of the week: Giving up by Ingrid Michaelson (a favorite love song throughout Shane and my relationship.)

Truth I’m dwelling on: God always provides. I was so anxious about what direction to go regarding the birth of these twins. I have been working hard to have a medication-free birth, but that is not an option available to us. In the end, I was faced with a c-section in Buffalo, or a breech extraction birth, for which an epidural is required. From day 1 of pregnancy, I was determined to have as natural a birth as possible. I was confused that God wasn’t making this desire and conviction possible.

I come back to Psalm 46: “there is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy habitation of the Lord Most High. God is the midst of her, she shall not fail…”

When my focus is on praising Jesus, failure is not an option. No matter what type of birth God brings me through, I will be praising Him the whole time. My existence, whether in pregnancy, giving birth, raising babies, writing, or scone-baking, is to make my Lord glad.

Looking forward to: Shane compares our extensive preparation, book reading, and packing to riding a bike: “you can read about how to ride a bike as much as you want, but won’t know what its like until you get on the bike. You have to learn as you go.” I am looking forward to “getting on the bike,” and seeing what God is going to do.

35 36 weekQuestions for the Mamas: As we finish up our last minute registry purchases/baby needs, we are trying to whittle down the list. So mamas,

How crucial are the following:

  • baby monitor (for a 1 level house)
  • high chairs
  • car seat covers?

Answer by commenting below!

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  • molly

    Monitor-a video monitor is fab. So nice to peek in without waking them. Even a 1 level house bc you can sit on the porch.
    High chair-def. Around 6 mos. I like the ones that hook to the chair called space saver.
    car seat cover? I have a net one for bugs. A public high chair cover/grocery cart cover is necessary bc babies chew on them. Gross! But I’m a germ phone! 😉

  • Kali

    I definitely recommend getting a video monitor for the babies room. They are great for when you would like to go outside and also check on the babies without having to go into their room. I love laying I bed and watching my
    Little one sleep so peacefully in her bed, it definitely makes me feel closer to her.
    Don’t worry about a highchair until they are ready to start eating solid foods. I had a highchair for Ky and a chair that attaches to a seat at our table for Zoe. I definitely like having the one at the table, that way you can eat and feed your baby all at once and they are included at mealtime.
    The shopping cart covers are great ideas, I even own one. But I constantly forget to bring it with me so I think I have used it once. I would suggest a seat cover to go under your car seats, out back seat has so many crumbs and milk stains from bottles, I wish we would have invested in a few.

  • Marlene Stratton

    Hi Becky, as for a baby monitor, I raised four boys without one… As long as you are within hearing distance and check the babies frequently (which as a first-timer I’m sure you will!) I don’t think it’s especially necessary or even helpful.
    High chairs are nice, but booster chairs with a tray (which you set on a regular chair & strap it down) are just as good and can be used longer, I believe.
    Car seat covers? No idea! 🙂

  • Sarah Boomgarden

    Baby monitors: We’ve had Emily sleeping in her own room from day 1 about 30-50 ft away from our room. I’m thankful for our baby monitor since I can be a sound sleeper, especially those first weeks when I was so tired. Ours is also nice because it can be very sensitive if we change the settings which was nice during those first few months when baby is sleeping and you might panic thinking if they aren’t breathing. With the high sensitivity we were able to hear her coos with the monitors as we wouldn’t have heard them otherwise from down the hall. I’d say get them.

    High chairs: we haven’t used ours for feeding yet, more just a place to put Emily while we eat or we use our swing. Since babies don’t start eating solids till 4-6 months maybe consider hoping for high chairs for Christmas.

    Car seat covers: if you’re talking about the blanket that goes over the handle bars-get it or make one. It’s nice out in public to block the light or strangers especially if you’re trying to get baby to sleep. If you’re talking about a cover to go on the inside where baby lays-skip it. I bought one as someone told me it’s nice incase baby peed in it. But the one I bought didn’t fit our car seat and Emily has never peed out of the diaper into it anyway 😉 ( hope I didn’t just jinx myself)

    Getting close! Praying for you. Trust in God he has the perfect birth plan already written for your littles

  • Lizzi

    I am on the minimalist side of the baby registry. I tend to find that less is more. We have gone without a baby monitor for all the girls, they did sleep in bassinets in our room until 4mo. On highchairs we waited until 6mo to get one as well. Ours is the kind that is fastened directly to the table, folds up super small so we can take it with us, we love it! Car seat covers are nice for the coming winter months but I would recommend the ones that attach to the handle of the car seat because nothing should be between baby and the seat (other than clothes) if it did not come with the car seat.
    Can’t wait to see a babies are here post, praying for you all in this time of waiting!

  • Barb Kelley

    Becky, I am so glad God offers us opportunities and ways to glorify Him in birth! I will be praying for you. Maybe God has new surprises even yet. Stay strong and be ready for anything!

    I don’t use a baby monitor with Piper. I did with all my boys, Honestly, I love not using one. She is still sleeping with us, so we don’t need it at night, but even for naps. It keeps my mom instincts sharp and it’s one less baby thing cluttering up the baby experience. I think the less “equipment” the more focused you can be on baby!

    You won’t need a high chair until at least 6 months. And a favorite blanket that smelled like mom and breast milk always worked to cover baby in the carseat for me 🙂

    Now that I’m not on FB I will miss the up-to-date status of you and babies. So please keep blogging whenever you find time! I can’t wait to here about you experience and see those precious baby faces!

    • Missing you Barb!

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