Fear Factor Friday: Faint Not

Today’s fear factor is…


The following is from my journal from last September:

After listening to the news, I was absolutely struck with fear for the near future. The announcer was talking about Syria, Russia, homosexual persecution, economic risks, and the potential for WWIII. I’m not sure how the persecution of homosexuals* fits into the rest of the news story. Perhaps it was my confusion that led to more uncertainty. I ended up visiting my husband at the office and dumping an emotional speech about anxiety on him.

My fear was not that our country will fail or that we wont have the comforts and cash we so love. I am aware that God can use both of those to draw the people of the USA closer to Him.

My fear is that I will not suffer well. I will not hold up hope. My soul will grow weary and faint in the midst of difficult times. I will be so focused on my trouble that I will not be a light to others.

Remembering this day, now almost a year later, I realize that world-scares will come and go. Sometimes they are monumentally frightening, other times they fade with the next news show. The challenge from a few weeks ago, regarding “Love vs. Fear,” reminds me again to dig deeper roots into love. (1 Corinthians 13)

I can “bear all things” when I remain in love. 

Before we move on to tackling another facet of conquering fear, let us take “selah” and meditate on this concept: to live from a foundation of love. Take captive that spirit of fear. Look to the cross for truth, grace, and power. Then urge your soul again to “Faint not, but keep up in love.”


View the music video of this encouraging song, “Faint Not” by Jenny & Tyler: