A Quiet Calling in the Mess of Mothering…

It is morning. At least I think it is. The days and nights run together in these early days of sustaining new lives.


My mind is tired, but I am awake in the stillness of this moment.

Babies are calm,
One sighing sweetly in my lap,
Another hiccuping contently nearby.

My senses are awakened, the energizing burst of an orange reminds me what fresh tastes like.

My spirit is open. I am empty from late night feedings, and an extra long session with my breast pump. Building a milk supply for twins is draining. But this blessed void makes my heart teachable.

The distraction of instant entertainment tempts my tired mind. Today, I reject Netflix, Facebook, Pinterest, and IMDB. They will not fill and they do not satisfy.

The Lord beckons me, in the oft-missed sweetness of the morning, to receive His word of truth today. As in the past few weeks, I continue to hover over 1st Peter 2.

It is like a blooming red flower, and I am the hummingbird that keeps returning to its nectar.

Ready to “proclaim the excellencies of him who has called me out of darkness into his marvelous light!” (Verse 10)

I open the curtains and greet the day.

I share the quiet moment with my mom, who is here helping me unravel what it means to care for these two precious babies.

I find my bookmark in Set Apart Motherhood. I have a skype date soon with a far-off friend to review our thoughts on this chapter together. But I know two chirping babies who will probably interrupt the encouraging words about Motherhood, getting me back to the blessed tasks of it.

Motherhood is happening all around me. It is beautiful, hectic, messy, and marvelous! And each moment God gives me as a mama is another chance to proclaim His excellencies yet again.

As the babies wake up, longing (loudly) for their milk, I break from my spiritual retreat. But I carry truth and encouragement with me, having also been sustained by Gods all-sufficient grace.