The Rosty Twins are 3 Months!

baby 3 month

Our beautiful daughter and good-looking’ son are 3 months old! Here are the highlights:

Growth: We don’t have a check up this month, so no concrete numbers to share. But you can tell the difference in the pics! Evi’s face is filling out better, and Titus maintains his Buddha belly like a champ. Both are smiling, cooing, blowing bubbles, and splashing it up in the tub at bath time.titus 3 month evi 3 month

Nursing: At last, nursing twins has become a doable part of our routine. Evi has been stuffy lately, so treats me like a corn on the cob or typewriter while she eats, but we make it fun.

Titus gulps his meals down like a ferocious bear, which explains the 1lb gained each week.

Quirks: Titus holds his hands ALL THE TIME. We wish we could say he appears to be praying; however, in reality he appears to be plotting… it’s very “pinky and the brain.”

Evi is a paci addict. Twitch twitch, scratch, *paci*>eyes roll in the back of her head as she sucks away. Thankfully, she is still a pretty decent nurser (save the corn on the cob thing). However, she is quite camera shy. You have no idea how many pics it takes to catch a smile.

evi camera

Goals: Operation: Sleep Like a Baby is underway! We spent 15 days whittling down our 2 nightly feedings into one dream feed before we, the parents, turn in, and one short feeding in the middle of the night. Babies are learning to sleep longer periods (however, thanks to Daylight Savings CRAP, we are a bit thrown off.) Evangeline is a complete angel about sleeping, but Titus transforms into a panther at bedtime. His will to fight sleeping is astounding. We pray now for the strength to parent him through adolescence with grace.

Prayers: God has helped me tremendously this last month. I am learning to ask for his help, for small things like helping my milk to let down in the evening, and big things like discerning how to balance time, ministry, goals, and nurturing my relationship with Shane and the babies.


Firsts: Both babies have rolled over, though they aren’t consistent. Also, we took our first family camping trip! It was cabin-camping, but a much needed hiatus in the mountains of Story, WY nonetheless. The short vacation included hiking, nature naps, and daddy reading “A Horse and His Boy” aloud to the kids. Titus was wide eyed and eager to take it all in. Evi slept through a lot of it :).



We also had our first “date” as a family, and our first Halloween in the new house. We loved getting to know the neighborhood through our s’more’s station. Add in a couple of first play dates, listening to daddy share the love of Jesus at Youth Group, and a lot of deliciously wonderful times with the grandparents, and you are caught up on all the latest news!october 2014

IMG_0019Thanks for checking in!

In His Grace,

Becky (and Shane too!)


PS: Thank You!!!!!! To everyone who donated, shipped, upcycled, or otherwise gave us hand-me-downs: you make us feel so wealthy with our friendships! We are FULL. The kids’ clothes have taken over the house. The kid’s closet, the guest bedroom closet, a big dresser, and a huge box chilling’ in the laundry room hold all the clothes we should need until babies’ 1st Birthday. Wow, we feel honored and so blessed. That being said, I’ve edited our “celebrate with us” list:

  • Diapers, size 2 and up! (I never thought it could happen, but the supply from the baby-showers is starting to dwindle)
  • Lactation cookies (or any snacks to help me keep my milk supply up)
  • Crock-pot meals
  • Boy/girl clothing size 3-6 month (hand-me downs are great!)
  • Baby carriers (we are eyeballing the Ergo or Beco, since Titus hates the Moby)

I have to say another huge thank you for praying for our precious kids. Titus’s head is rounding out, and Evi is gaining more strength to hold her head up longer. More importantly, the Holy Spirit is helping me cast my cares on the Lord, instead of dwelling in anxiety about the babies all night long.