27 Ways my Twin Pregnancy Surprised Me

surprised by twin pregnancyAround this time last year, I took a pregnancy test that changed my life. We didn’t find out we were having twins until a few weeks after that. However, this is the year mark that we have been aware of the new lives we now know as Titus and Evi. In reflection, I came up with the following list of things that surprised me about being pregnant with twins:

  1. There are 2 in there?!?!
  2. I didn’t have strange cravings, however, I had some intense food-aversions, including chocolate-chip cookies all the way up until D-day.
  3. I threw up a total of 0 times during the entire pregnancy (but several times during the delivery!).
  4. That I lost 10 lbs during the first 3 months.
  5. The next 4 months, I had gained 10 lbs at each appointment. I knew I felt heavier every day, but 10 more pounds each month was a shocking number on the scale.
  6. I experienced hormonal shifts and acne reminiscent of my 13 year-old PMS days.
  7. How invaluable the Psalms of the Bible to keep me mentally and emotionally healthy during the season of unknowns.
  8. That I wasn’t bothered by people touching my belly.
  9. How I became really irritated when people tried to talk to or kiss my belly (except my husband).
  10. How much I cherished the candid humor and practical honesty of the book, What to Do When You’re Having Two.
  11. That I learned to smile and nod at people who said, “a boy and a girl? Now you’re done.” (even though we were already in the process of adoption before we conceived twins, and look forward to the day we bring our “world-traveler” home to make us a family of 5).
  12. I didn’t become a whale. Or a planet… In fact, the majority of commentators kept exclaiming how small I looked for twins (which wasn’t always comforting, by the way).
  13. The dreaded swelling wasn’t that bad.
  14. The sweating in summer heat WAS that bad.
  15. Twiniversity became my go-to website very quickly.
  16. How fun our gender-reveal party was.
  17. How heavy my belly really was.
  18. I actually stopped caring that I wore the same 4 maternity pants/shorts combo for the last 3 hot months of pregnancy.
  19. That all our baby-supply needs (and lots of our “wants”) were met by friends and family.
  20. That I would go stir-crazy for two months after everything was ready at the recommended week 30, “just in case.”
  21. That I never went into pre-term labor.
  22. I never felt braxton-hicks or contractions (until pitocin).
  23. Apparently my uterus is a fortress to write hymns about: “A mighty fortress is my womb, a cervix never failing.”
  24. I’d have more trouble getting babies out in time than keeping them in before it was time.
  25. My intense love for the humans growing inside me.
  26. How hard it was to keep our babies’ names to ourselves until their birth.
  27. The depth of truth found in Isaiah 26:3, “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!”

Did you/are you expecting twins? What surprises you about your pregnancy?