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My favorite Christmas Song Discoveries of 2014

I love Christmas music. This year I realized that singing Christmas songs before Thanksgiving isn’t a bad idea. After all, we are celebrating the birth of our Savior! Singing about it only enhances our worship of him.

This year I made a playlist of all my old favorite Christmas songs from my childhood. My memories are full of singing along with artists like Avalon, Sandy Patty, and Point of Grace. My mom and sisters would belt out christmas anthems and carols unashamed while driving around town or baking cookies.

As much as I love the “oldies,” there is something thrilling about discovering new “classics” to raise our kids on from year to year. Here are a few of my favorite new finds from this season:

1. Prepare Him Room by Sovereign Grace Music.

If you are looking for a song to share the beautiful Gospel of our Savior, this is it. I heard it at a Christmas concert this year, and it made my heart explode with praise. Another song on sovereign Grace music’s Christmas album will also blow your mind. It is called “Who Would Have Dreamed and it will change your life this Christmas. 


2. Born is the King (It’s Christmas) by Hillsong music.

This song has such a celebratory feel, it makes me think I am getting ready for a Birthday party for Jesus. Definitely a good wake-up anthem.


3. Come thou Long Expected Jesus by Kings Kaleidoscope.

An Indy-style spin on this classic, yet oft-forgotten, Christmas carol… Come Thou Long Expected Jesus is perfectly paired with the advent calendars wreath reading regarding the long wait that Israel endured for the Messiah.


4. It Really is (a Wonderful Life) by Mindy Smith.

Shane and I have entered into a marvelous season. The twins are thriving, Shane’s job is such a blessing, and we are healthy physically and spiritually. We have even prioritized room in our schedule to share the gospel every week as a couple, which has dramatically impacted both our relationship with Christ and our marriage. Every day, we are steadily looking forward to enjoying the fulfillment of God’s many promises. Unfortunately for us, we keep expecting it end. We think, “how can such a season of rest and happiness last forever?” We know there will be hardships in our future, there are some even now. But I believe God wants me to trade my attitude of worry for a song of praise. Mindy Smith’s lyrics reminds me to take joy in the moment, instead of waiting for it all to cave-in. Celebrating what God is doing in our lives is a beautiful way to commemorate the salvation He freely gave us through the cross.


What are some of your favorite classics or new discoveries this year?

We survived the first 4 months!

And not just survived either, we are a THRIVING family with so much to be thankful for!


Growth: after heaps of growth spurts and challenging new development, the twins are beginning to plateau. This means efficient nursing on a consistent schedule, slower weight gain, and lots of exercise!


  • 15lbs. 5 oz. (51 percentile)
  • 24.5 inches tall (and always stretching to show it)


  • 11 lbs. 13 oz. (10th percentile)
  • 24.0 Inches (2 feet baby!)
Babies' 4 month check up
Babies’ 4 month check up

Nursing: I am becoming more confident in nursing the twins every day. As we approach solid food soon, I hope to also tackle tandem nursing once again.

Quirks: Titus displays his charming smile for everyone he sees. He is also a man-child of impressive muscle mass, almost doing push ups when on his tummy, and fussing to sit up all the time.

Titus is the bubble-blowing-master! Entertaining himself at hours on end, that kid never gets tired of drool running down his chin.

Evi has fallen in love with “softies”. Particularly the puppy-blankets we received from the hospital at their birth. Mama enjoyed some self-discovery this month as she started naming all the stuffed animals. Apparently I have a fascination with British-sounding, old-timer names (Jasper, Wilfred, and Jeffery so far).

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Evangeline’s voice has blossomed and we have a giggle box on our hands. Actually, the giggle box is more like a squeaker toy; For example…

She continues to chat and coo at us, her brother, the dog, and even inanimate objects. We have learned to decipher her highly exasperated sounds to be ones of joy and feeling connected.

Goals: Operation: Sleep Like a Baby continues! Titus continues to assume the role of ring leader in the twin sleep circus. But over all, sleep and schedule is getting better.

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Other News:

  • Belly laughs
  • Thumb sucking
  • Grabbing toes
  • Talking to each other
  • Singing along when dad sings and plays….
    These are a few things that make up our days.

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Prayers: I am grateful for the increased energy lately. We have been able to realize the incredible community of support that surrounds us in the last few months. Shane and I have enjoyed a weekly “gospel date night” in which we share Gods love with teenagers at a local shut in while the babies hang out with a babysitter.1457670_10203322814979899_4527346399498765066_n

Thank you for praying for continued purpose and intentionality as we approach the holiday season!

In His Grace,

The Rosty Family