Why Should I Study Leviticus?

While writing the “Bible Study Tips” series, I asked several people what keeps them from studying the Bible. One of the most intriguing answers was the following:

How does reading Leviticus going to help me manage my time better so that I can maintain my 3.8 GPA while taking 21 credits?

This question definitely has a “me-focus” attitude behind it, which was addressed in the following post:  Bible Study Tips for the #Selfie.

Still, I think the root of the question is, “how does Leviticus make a difference in my life?” Self-focus aside, this is actually a great question!

My first reaction is: “hey sister, I know where you are coming from. Leviticus is b-o-r-i-n-g.”

Most of us think about it as a black hole in the Bible… the book we skirt around quickly to avoid confusion and boredom. Leviticus is like the road sign announcing “Now entering Kansas”…. Ok, wake me up when we get through it. For many, Leviticus functions solely as a launch pad into the New Testament; we hear the words “grain offering” and immediately feel “led by the Spirit” to read the book of John again.

Ah the book of John, so straight-forward, so helpful…

Then I thought about it. What is Leviticus actually about? My curiosity got the best of me and I read a little. Maybe there is something in this book that could teach a truth about God, or remind us of His love… not to mention maybe help with time management.

So, back to the question:

“How does reading Leviticus going to help me manage my time better so that I can maintain my 3.8 GPA while taking 21 credits?”

Answer: Why don’t we read it and find out?

It has taken me a year to start my journey through Leviticus (the twins were a bit of a distraction). However, I am finally going to take the next month or so to study and unpack the book of Leviticus, using all of the tools mentioned in the recent “Bible Study Tips” series. I encourage you to join me. I’ll start posting about my journey next week, a chapter a day. Why not take this time to discover this book for yourself before I share?

There are only 27 chapters, each fairly short (which we can’t say about Psalms, ahem); hopefully we can tackle this book in less than a month. I’ve got my Study Bible ready, along with a journal, and a list of questions to ask along the way, like these:

  1. What does this passage say about God?
  2. How can I live in light of this passage?
  3. What else stands out to me/what questions do I have?


So dear friends, what do you say, WHO WANTS TO STUDY LEVITICUS?!

(comment below if you are in.)