Leviticus 1: Burnt Offering of Worship

 A Study in Leviticus: Chapter 1

I woke up late today, but as I mentioned earlier, I am determined to study Leviticus. I am confident there is truth in this book that will lead me to a greater understanding of God and therefore, more abundant worship of him.

So I sat my babies down with toys and rattles and a large mirror. My plan to have “Breakfast with Jesus” failed when I downed my egg sandwich faster than I could open my Bible and find Leviticus chapter 1. However, I found the chapter and began reading aloud.

With my handy questions written in my journal, I filled in the blanks as follows:

  • What does this say about God?
    • His interaction with Moses in Verse 1 shows me God is personal and intimate, not aloof and uninvolved. He is in pursuit of a direct relationship with man.
    • He is also direct and detailed in His expectations (whole chapter). I know my husband appreciates it when I am direct and detailed in what I would like for a Christmas gift. (The Bible he gave me wasn’t a spontaneous idea of his 🙂 )Similarly, we can be grateful that God gives us specifics in how to worship Him.
  • How can I live in light of this?
    • The specific details about the burnt offerings remind me that God is worthy of my best. I don’t want to give God secondhand worship. I don’t want to be distracted in my praise of him.
    • When I offer God my heart, time, money, talents, etc… I should be giving him the best I have, as He required the Israelites to do so in Leviticus.
    • Today, I will do that by serving my family as if I was serving Christ, eagerly and cheerfully, humbly and honorably.
  • Does anything else stand out/do I have questions?
    • What is the difference between a burnt offering and a sin offering (which we will read about in chapter 4)?

How did your study time go? Did you pull out some resources or handbooks and go deeper than I did today? What did God teach you? Join the conversation below!