Happy 6 Month Birthday to the Rosty Twins!

6 Months…

We made it! The Rosty twins are 6 months and thriving. A year ago I didn’t think we would make it this far. In the back of my mind I figured we would be such a mess, that Jesus would take pity and come back before now.

In his gracious providence, God has given us further chances to seek Him in this parenting business, and use our experiences to share His love with others. I feel that being a mom is one of my greatest accomplishments, by Gods grace. Specifically, breastfeeding twins for 6 months has been one of my “least likely to succeed” goals that I am so blessed to have met.IMG_0091

In honor of this milestone, I brought up a post from this time last year (while I was pregnant), and would like to compare it with today (last year’s posts are in green).

Week 13 flew by! We started the spring semester of BCM, enjoyed a weekend in the hot-springs of Thermopolis, and thoroughly relished in the joy of becoming parents! 

We enjoyed Thermopolis again this month, in 2015. The babies LOVED the water!

13 Weeks: January 19-25

6 months6 Months: January 23, 2014

Babies are the size of: Lemons!

Babies are the size of: my entire torso. I cannot believe they fit into my tummy at one point, particularly as the size of lemons!


Mama Weight gain: 0 (I have hovered around 168 for the last 3 months or so.)

Baby Weight gain: Titus is about 18lbs, and Evi is probably close to 15. We will get an official weight in a couple weeks at their next check up.

Sleep: Shocking news: I was able to get great sleep on a trip this weekend while sleeping on an air mattress.

Sleep: Shocking news: The babies now sleep through the night!!! 7pm-7am, with a 10pm dream feed.

Exercise: started a water aerobics class this week and I LOVE it. I’ve also been upping my “squat routine” to prep for labor and delivery.

Exercise: This month, I (yes, the tired mama) started jogging 2 miles twice a week. It is so hard to make this a priority right now, however I am looking forward to this healthy habit rubbing off on my kids as we pursue being a fit and active family together.


IMG_0095Best moment this week:. Singing songs of worship with my husband for hours in our make-shift studio (in the laundry room… the acoustics are awesome in there.) I know these babies are going to grow up proclaiming the truths of Christ through music along side, and it is fun to start the tradition now.

Best moment this week:. Watching our daughter sing and bang on the piano. She seems to be very musically inclined. Titus on the other hand would rather inspect the wood of the piano. I am excited to see how he will be a hands-on worshipper.

Miss Anything? I know it was never a healthy routine, but I miss being able to go, go, go, without HAVING to stop to eat or pee or nap every 1/2 hour. It’s just how I got stuff done. With twins, I suppose I’ll have to learn a whole new way of accomplishing things tiny moments at a time, so it’s good training.

Miss Anything? I still have to pee every 1/2 hour! Staying hydrated to nurse twins is a constant activity. Also, I am learning to do things in tiny moments… today I clean the bathrooms, enjoyed reading a book with Shane, and wrote this blog post, all during nap times! I am thankful I had a realistic perspective and was already preparing for this life last year.

Movement: Not yet.

Movement: Titus is a major mover! He is crawling backwards, doing 3 second planks, and sitting up like a champ (his activity is more proficient than my work out routine). Evi is a girl after my own heart: she likes to lay around and talk to herself. I’m sure she will start crawling eventually, but for now I adore listening to her chats.

Food cravings: Mac and Cheese, all the time! Also, I ate a whole carton of strawberries in one delicious sitting. I think I could eat a whole carton a day if they were as cheap as mac n cheese 😉

Food cravings: The babies are embracing solid foods! They love to gnaw on cucumbers and gum up pieces of banana.

Anything making you queasy or sick:. A bit of french toast almost made me throw up (see “sweets” below). On the plus side, I had some chicken strips and they tasted lovely, so maybe I am on my way to incorporating poultry into my diet again.

Anything making you queasy or sick:. Evangeline’s poopy diapers, for sure.

Gender prediction: The cravings test says: citrus/sweet=girl. Salt=boy. I have been craving pineapple, and strawberries and all kinds of sour things. But I cannot stand chocolate or super sweet desserts! Also, initially all I had was all salt cravings. So I guess that’s another point for one of each (Though Shane still thinks they are both boys).

Gender revelation: We have a man’s man for a son. He is the Ron Swanson of babies (for those of you who watch Parks and Rec). When it comes to food, his dog (yep, Mr. Darcy is now Titus’ dog), being active, and meeting new people, he is all business. He has the most jolly smile though, and is so eager to connect over a wrestle.

titus 6

Evi is all girl: giddy over fluffy stuffed animals, cozy blankets, and smiling men with beards. We pray about the last one daily. She loves worship music, and is pretty fond of mirrors, and we hope she is always as happy with her appearance and beautiful smile as she is in these past few weeks.

evi 6

Lullaby of the week: You Know Me” by Steffany Frizzell (Bethel Music). It speaks of Psalm 139’s truth that God knows each and every bit of who we are. I love that when I can’t see my babies, God can. He has them memorized inside and out. That is incredible intimacy!

I love this memory from last year, and knowing that even now that I can hold my kids in my arms, their lives are still outside of my control. Thankfully, I know God will never let them go!

Truth I’m dwelling on: That Psalms 139 applies to me as well. My God knows me! He knows what today looks like, and what tomorrow looks like. And He is GOOD! I am memorizing verses 5-7:

You go before me and follow me.
You place your hand of blessing on my head.
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
too great for me to understand!

I can never escape from your Spirit!
I can never get away from your presence!

Truth I’m dwelling on: That he has proven faithful to “go before us” and bless us, as I read last year. I didn’t know how year was going to turn out, but it has been the greatest blessing and privilege to walk with God through.

Looking forward to: The birthing class on Monday!

Looking forward to: Developing healthy habits over the next 6 months. I feel God challenging me to become strong spiritually, physically, and emotionally to set a positive president for myself and our family in the years to come.IMG_0081

Thanks for keeping up with our adventure!
In Faith,