Leviticus 6: Attention to Detail

Chapter 6 begins with the rest of the instructions for the restitution offering. It then launches into the beginning of a long list of details for sacrificial activity in general. I beg you to lower your expectations of me today regarding this chapter. With teething 6-month-olds, a few guests staying in our home, and some extra ministry activity requiring attention this week, my study time was interrupted often, and eventually cut short.

But it still happened (victory!). Here’s what I got:

What does this tell me about God:

  • God pays attention to details.

While I didn’t love reading about all the details, I really love the truth it conveys! God is not the author of confusion. He didn’t leave the priests wondering “uh, ok, what do we do with all of these carcasses now?” God provides for the big things (like atonement and restoration of relationship with him), and the little things, like how to finish up a sacrifice.

  • Worshipping God should be respected.

The amount of detail and instruction surrounding each sacrifice reminds us that approaching God is not a “willy nilly” activity. There is a certain amount of importance that surrounds the process.

How can I live in light of this:

  • I should give greater respect to the process of worship.

Often, I approach God without respect or awe. I use the word “awesome” way too often. I don’t reserve anything as special or important when it comes to Jesus. Of course, God has called us “friends,” and that gives us the privilege of approaching Him with a bit of carefree joy. Still, the God of the universe deserves some awe-struck attention. The priests had to change their clothes in the worship process of chapter 6, I too should dress my best, inside and out, when I approach my King.

Other thoughts or questions:

  • Verse 9: Why was the burnt offering supposed to remain on the hearth all night long?
  • Verse 23: I find it interesting that the priest couldn’t benefit in any way from his own offering.
  • Verse 18, 27: “Anything that touches the offerings will become holy”… I wonder why?

There you have it. Not much for deep theological thoughts and cross-reference epiphanies, but the truth of Leviticus 6, however simplified, is still an impactful reminder to worship.

Did anything else pop out for you during your reading of Leviticus 6? Help a sister out and comment with your observations!