I am not Helpless

A friend gave me an amazing sheet of paper the other day. I tucked it away in my journal for a daily peek. It is titled “The Truth about my Identity in Christ,” and there are 100 verses.

In a season of massive identity shift, I am excited to start internalizing these truths. Today, number 91 reached out and wrapped my exhausted heart in like a blanket of encouragement.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

This phrase is often misunderstood in our post-modern culture. We often read it and emphasize the part about “doing all things.” Sounds like a sweet deal. Anything I want to do, I can get it done because Jesus gives me the power.

But that is not what Paul, the author of the letter to the Philippians, is communicating through this verse. In context, Paul is talking about his ability to live in all circumstances, through the power of Jesus. God called Paul live in circumstances where he had very little, and God also called Paul to circumstances where he was flourishing financially. Both situations require the power of Christ to live in, and to live well in.

The point of this verse is not the “things” we can do, rather the “who” we can call on.

Any circumstance that God leads us to, Jesus will give us the ability to thrive in. Our focus must be on him, not on our own prerogative.

  • Today I do not need more coffee
  • I do not need more sleep
  • I do not really need a shower
  • I do not need a break from my kids
  • I do not need another Netflix binge
  • I don’t need a distraction from my situation
  • I do not need a handful of chocolate chips as a reward for “getting through it.”

I. Need. Jesus.

I can meet today’s circumstance and thrive in it because of Him. I need to focus on his goals and his prerogative and his “things” that I can do because he enables me to.

I am not helpless because I am not about me.

When I focus on God’s expectations for my day…

When I tune into the proclamation of Jesus over my identity as redeemed daughter of the King of kings…

When I make the conscious effort to notice how He is strengthening me for my specific circumstance, emotionally drained or flourishing with laughter and energy…

When I call on Jesus…

I know I can do it.