A Study in Leviticus: Time to take a Pause

We have been working our way through the book of Leviticus. Accepting the challenge to find relevant and applicable truth in the words of this book has been a great blessing to me.

Still, I believe it is worth mentioning here that I do not believe a daily Bible study time is a magical formula. The change in my perspective on the day is often noticeable after I have spent time in God’s Word; however, it is not the only way to commune with God and worship him. In fact, sometimes we can get too focused on the consuming of Scripture that we don’t make room to digest it or change our lives in light of it!

While I highly value the privilege and impact of a personal ability to read God’s Word, there are days it is not easy or even doable. Regardless of our busy schedule, centering our day on Christ should be a priority. There are some days you read what you can. There are some days you meditate on what you read the day before. Other days are opportunities to finally act on what you have learned! Anything we do can be worship. Similarly, anything we do can become a mindless “check off the list” routine.

Today, I sense God challenging us to take a pause. Instead of ingesting more information, try something else today:

  • Unpack truth from yesterday’s study
  • Meditate on a challenge from the Sunday sermon
  • Re-read your journal notes from the study so far:
    • Read all the “God” notes, and worship God for all those characteristics
    • Read all the “I should” notes, and get motivated to do them
  • Turn off all the noise in the house, lock yourself in a closet, and pray. Set a timer and commit to focused prayer for a set amount of time.
  • Go for a walk with God (or an energizing jog), and pray for greater endurance in your faith
  • Clean your bathroom, pull weeds, or mop the floor as a tangible way to “act out” repentance. With each scrub, repent of a sin or fleshly desire in your life.
  • Be still and listen. Try again. And again. Practice quieting your mind in the presence of God and truly listen.
  • Spend your normal Bible study time memorizing a complex verse of life-changing truth (Like 2 Corinthians 5:20-21)

How did you alternatively spend your Bible study time with God?