Leviticus 8: Knowledge is Good Too.

Did you read chapter 8? Did you get a chance to think about the three topics yet? If not…

Leviticus 8 gives us the details of Aaron’s ordination, along with his sons. I found it intriguing after studying the different sacrifices these past few weeks. Moses began with the sin offering (for atonement of relationship), then sacrificed a burnt offering (an offering to commit one’s whole self to God). Finally, a special fellowship sacrifice is made specifically for the ceremony of officially putting Aaron and his sons in the position of priest and mediators between God and man.

What does this tell me about God:

  • Similar lessons asprevious chapters:
    • God is detail oriented
    • God communicates His directions clearly
    • God has specific expectations to be met

How can I live in light of this:

I have to admit, I have been mentally dry these past few days.

I kept trying to find application for my life in this chapter, and coming up empty. I read it again, still nothing jumped out. Perhaps I am struggling with a hard heart and “full cup” syndrome. I prayed, searched my soul for sin or a bad attitude I needed to repent of. I calmed my heart, asked for the holy Spirit’s help.

I found I enjoyed studying and increasing my knowledge about these OT practices in chapter 8, but I didn’t get past that. I racked my memory for verses or concepts in the NT that would correlate and awaken truth and change in my heart.

The only verse that kept coming was one I heard last week from the marriage study Shane and I are doing together once a week. It was 2 Peter 1:5

Make every effort to supplement your faith with goodness, [and] goodness with knowledge….

Sometimes, studying God’s holy word to increase in knowledge is a GOOD thing. We do not always need a dramatic epiphany or a deep “heart change” when we study. We should not approach the scriptures with a lazy attitude, and we certainly shouldn’t just “check it off” our to do list (I struggle with this one). I am blessed when I approach scripture with a teachable spirit and an open and ready heart, and God provides an amazing truth for me to meditate on the rest of the day. But I also grow when I simply get to increase in knowledge. 2 Peter calls us to add to our goodness with increased knowledge. If that is God’s prerogative for my study today, then I am grateful to keep building on my faith.

Other thoughts or questions:

  • Question: What is an ephod? Answer: the decorative apron-like piece of clothing.
  • I was also curious what Aaron’s priestly get-up looked like. Full disclosure: I know Google is not the most reliable supplement to Bible study, but it is available, so I use it! I found several images similar to each other, giving me a better visual of the priestly garments (Left).
  • I also got to do a lot of interesting research about Urim and Thummim, and got a better picture for God’s expectation of the high priest. I encourage you to go deeper in your own study Bible, Bible commentaries, or ask your pastor about any questions or observations you might have.

How did Leviticus 8 impact you today? Was it an “increase in knowledge” day or a day to grow in goodness and your relationship with God?