Attention Strike: How I am so DONE hearing about Yoga Pants and 50 Shades of Everything

God bless the internet. Social media has given everyone in our society is in a unique place to have an opinion about everything. Our opinions can be heard in a broader circle than in our personal interactions. There simply isn’t room for that many soapboxes and bandwagons in day to day conversation.

I realize some topics are imperative for us to address. And I am immensely proud of my Christian brothers and sisters in Christ for speaking truth to their sphere of influence. I would like to applaud many of the articles, blog posts, and comments that combat unhealthy or ungodly choices. I wrote one such article just a few days ago.

However, I am personally exhausted by it all. Can we not dignify each negative trend with a million responses?

I get it. The word on yoga pants being a temptation was educating. My husband and I had been having a similar discussion only a few weeks earlier resulting in a shopping trip for me to find new work out clothes (and I found some fantastically adorable and comfy running pants that also honor my body, God, and my husband).

Articles exposing the dark side to 50 Shades of Grey have been insightful. But if I’m honest, I knew all along I didn’t need to read those articles. I have known for some time that erotica and movies based off of erotica are incredibly dangerous to my spiritual health.

These blog posts all over my Facebook feed are like flashy magazine columns highlighting “what’s trending in SIN this season.” Some people really need to be educated on these topics. However, for a lot of us, it is somewhat backwards. The more articles we read about why we should avoid sin, the more we are thinking about not thinking about sin. And that, my friend, is flirting dangerously close to actually thinking about sin. It’s the purple elephant in the room (if someone tells you not to think about a purple elephant, you inevitably will).

I realize the short answer to this annoyance is simply GET OFF FACEBOOK. And I do. I limit my time on social media, and I choose to spend time in God’s Word instead. I even utilize that handy “unfollow” button when a friend posts stuff I don’t care about seeing.

However, I do live in this century, and I do enjoy keeping up with people through Facebook. So I have a proposition for my readers, my social network associates, and my respected friends:

Instead of sharing one more article or opinion on these subjects, could you just straight-up ask me how I am doing?


Or better yet, send me a personal message on how God is impacting your life right now.


Or a comment on what you are reading about in His Holy Word.


I am truly praying that God would “bless” the internet with His presence. That when I log on, I see the evidence of His love, justice, holiness, and creativity everywhere.

Let’s allow today’s big topic become tomorrow’s old news. Let’s give Jesus the attention he deserves.

God Bless the Internet