6 Reasons to Prioritize Time with God in Hard Times: Why Bible study should be the last to go when you are tired, exhausted, sick, grieving, etc.

I recently took about a week of from my study in Leviticus. After spending a weekend at a retreat (which when you are caring for 7 month old twins translates from retreat to “high demand situation”), I found I was losing the battle with a lingering cold. Exhausted, I felt all I could do was care for babies, then crash on the couch or bed while they napped, getting in some R&R myself. I tried to journal and read a little of the Bible during this time, but after a few days of half-hearted devo time, I gave up. After a week of this, I noticed a dramatic change in my attitude, my thoughts, and my actions.

I am convinced my lack of spending time in prayer and reading God’s word had a profound effect on my life, and the lives of those around me. So why is it the first thing to go when my circumstances aren’t normal?

So here are 6 good reasons I found to prioritize my time with God, regardless of my circumstances:

  1. It sets the Symota for the day.
  2. When I put God’s priorities first, He provides time for everything else that is truly important.
  3. It gives me proper perspective of my circumstances.
  4. It reminds me that victory is on its way… I do not have to live as though I am defeated.
  5. “If you skip one day of spending time with God, nobody notices. If you skip 2 days, your family notices, if you skip 3 days, everybody notices.” Unknown.
  6. When I fail to spend time with God, I inevitably replace it with time feeding my flesh. I then begin to display the fruit of the flesh (rudeness, anger, cynicism) instead of the fruit of the Spirit.

How do you notice your life changes when you skip spending time with God?