Focus of my Worship Quiz

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Doing the #5weekrefocuschallenge has been, well, challenging. I didn’t realize how unintentional I have been about how I spend my time, money, and worship. My attention has been targeted at things other than God, and it is depleting me of God’s best. (Read more on my blog:

Here are 10 ways you can reveal the object of worship in your life:

  1. What do your Facebook statuses make a big deal about?
  2. Ask friends/family what you make much of in life
  3. What is a reoccurring theme in your text messages
  4. Check your debit card statement to evaluate who/what you worship with your money
  5. Scan your calendar for patterns of devotion
  6. What is the subject of your instagram pictures?
  7. Write down the object of your focus each hour of one day.
  8. What are the things/activities you can’t say no to?
  9. What do you think about/plan in the shower?
  10. What thoughts distract you when you sit down to pray?

Remember, Gods Word does not direct us to spend all our time and money and attention on church stuff. However, Gods Word DOES guide us to glorify Jesus with our time, money, possessions, and conversations. Let’s refocus our worship, pointing ourselves and others toward Him in faith.

Check in:

Which number helped you rethink your worship-focus?