Rejuvenate with Purpose: Refocus Challenge Week 4

Rejuvenate with purposeThe last couple of years wreaked havoc on my body. In November 2013, just a few short months after I started getting a handle on my health, I got pregnant with twins. My body conceived, carried, gave birth to, and nourished through 12 months of breastfeeding my precious Titus and Evangeline. Dedicating my body to such a task has been a great joy, and also a great sacrifice.

The babies are now toddlers, and the responsibilities for my body have changed. Instead of rest, extra calories, and snuggle time, I now need to have greater strength, endurance, speed, and alertness. It’s time to restore my health and fitness. It’s time to rejuvenate with purpose!

Since I can’t seem to stick with my goals unless I give them them titles and nicknames, I have created Becky’s Better Body Plan. The plan is to have a body that feels better, looks better, and functions better for the season God has for me to live. I am not going on a diet, nor am I criticizing the body I have. I actually like it. In fact, my husband loves it, my kids lived in it, and I have a decent time getting around with it. This Better Body Plan is not a response to some kind of internal hatred towards myself. Rather, because I love and am grateful for the body and life God has given me, I feel privileged to pursue greater health, strength, and perseverance.

Below are the specifics for my plan to rejuvenate my body for God’s purposes.

Since every persons body, life-stage, and circumstances are different, I DO NOT RECOMMEND my proposal as a prescription. However, I DO encourage you to read through my strategy, be inspired, and formulate your own. There are a few things I think we all could improve on for our bodies’ sakes, like drinking more water, improving flexibility, and activating a healthy heart rate. Spark more ideas and community by sharing your plan of attack with the #rejuvinatewithpurpose and #5weekrefocuschallenge hashtags on your favorite social media site! Here are my specifics:

Becky’s Better Body Plan 2015

  • Stretch each morning
  • Drink a glass of water before each meal
  • No snacking after 9pm (savor some tea instead!)
  • Eat something fresh (fruit or veggie) at each meal.
  • When you eat rich or indulgent foods, ENJOY them!
  • No legalism, only freedom to have a healthy body
  • Get moving 2+ times a week
  • Remain in God’s Word on a regular basis so I can also…
  • Prioritize mental health: agreeing with what God says about my body (and identity) over anything the scale, dress size, or mirror says:

My child, never forget the things I have taught you.
    Store my commands in your heart.
If you do this, you will live many years,
    and your life will be satisfying…

rejuvenate with purpose pin itDon’t be impressed with your own wisdom.
    Instead, fear the Lord and turn away from evil.
Then you will have healing for your body
    and strength for your bones.

Proverbs 3:1-2, 7-8

For many of us, having a healthy body is as simple as having a healthy relationship with God. Prioritizing His Word provides perspective on food, work, laziness, excess, and general health. We are able to enjoy a satisfying life in Christ when we hide His commands in our heart.


To get in the mood to rejuvenate, I am kickstarting this healthy season with a a little bit of “treat yo-self” luxuries including:

1. A new hair style

2. Shopping spree with my bestie (with breastfeeding behind me, this mama needs some new bras!)

3. An at home Spa day. While Shane watches the kids, I get to pamper myself with candles, face masque, hair conditioning masque, a warm bath, a paraffin wax treatment, and a mani/pedi. The added bonus of a husband who gives killer back massages reminds me luxury is not only found at a fancy hotel spa. (However, a fancy spa gift-certificate is always an appropriate gift for a new mom…)

4. I am also giving my body a system cleanse (similar to a juice cleanse), which will provide a good foundation for my digestive health, and hopefully resolve my dairy issues (a complicated relationship since last October).

Its important for us to remember that rejuvenation is not just to increase our energy, feel younger, or freshen up our appearance. Even though I am finished physically nourishing my children, my body is still not just about me. Rejuvenating with purpose means we are agreeing with God’s prerogatives for our lives, and championing healthy bodies to meet those purposes.


Give us grace to use our bodies for your purposes. Keep us healthy to do so to the best of our abilities. If health is not possible, give us strength to serve you in through the struggle.


Week 4 Challenge:

  •  Monday: Take inventory of your life givers. Schedule sometime this weekend to enjoy one hour of a specific life-giving activity.
  •  Tuesday: Make a list of your time-wasters. Pick one to address this week (mine is FACEBOOK!).
  •  Wednesday: Clean up your social media tools to optimize your use of them (networking, family keep up, etc.)
  • Thursday (through the weekend): Spend some time enjoy your favorite life-giver with a friend, your family, or just by yourself (is that a novel idea for you?).
  • Friday: Make a Better Body Plan with your name on it. Strategize how you can keep up this plan through the rest of this season/semester.
  • Saturday: Kick start your rejuvenation with something special for your body. Share your “treat” with #rejuvenatewithpurpose and #5weekrefocuschallenge on instagram!

Check in:

What do you need most in your season to rejuvenate for God’s purposes?