Redesign the Schedule: Refocus Challenge Week 5

redesign the schedule

These past 5 weeks have given me much-needed perspective and focus. The season has turned, and we are fully launched into the fall semester/season of ministry and family life. With the truth of my identity in Christ fully remembered, and the purpose for my life in full focus (to know God more intimately in every moment), I am equipped to redesign the ever flexing schedule into something that works for our goals, rather than against them.

Instead of filling up my weekly calendar with tasks and appointments I’ve been doing all year, I gave myself a blank page to work from priorities up. I kept this process very simple:

Step 1: List the Important. After praying for God’s wisdom and processing with Shane, I compiled my list of needs, responsibilities, and joys:

  1. Spending time with God
  2. Loving my husband
  3. Raising my kids
  4. Optimizing our home as a sanctuary
  5. Mentoring my disciples
  6. Engaging in healthy community
  7. Flourishing (stay healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally)

redesign the schedule pin itStep 2: Brainstorm details. These are the “how” to spend time accomplishing the important:

  1. Spending time with God >> quiet time, prayer, church worship service
  2. Loving my husband >> Weekly date nights, stay home on weekend mornings
  3. Raising my kids >> pray, engage in their play, add activities/outings, be present!
  4. Optimizing our home as a sanctuary >> clean, cook, plan
  5. Mentoring my disciples >> lead girls Bible study, occasional discipleship coffee date
  6. Engaging in healthy community >> women’s Bible study, work out classes, friend dates
  7. Flourish >> work out, healthy meals, reinforce life-givers, sleep

Step 3: Calendar it. Starting with the priorities, I designed a daily routine and weekly schedule that will promote a lifestyle of focus on Christ.

I tried to leave plenty of margin for spontaneity, and will fight for flexibility when our schedule needs to bend to our needs. I really appreciate having some structure to guide (not dictate) how I spend my time. I am praying this design will optimize my relationship with God and others, increase my intentionality with the kids, and give me room to say YES to the things of God.

Thank you for joining me for the 5 Week Refocus Challenge. It’s time to start LIVING FOCUSED. Feel free to revisit any of the challenges as you walk confidently with God into this new season.

With joy,