A Faith-Leap for Team Rosty

Today, I am enjoying the view for a quiet moment while the kids sleep. 
I’ll admit, this view can’t be beat. From my front porch or living room window, I get to drink this in every day. Sometimes the fog rolls in over the mountains, tucking the hills in for a slumberous morning. Sometimes the sun bursts in and wakes up every leaf and blade of grass to sing praises with their colors.
And today, I appreciate the view so much more, even in the dull afternoon shade. I am soaking it up because it won’t be mine much longer. We are embarking on another adventure. 

Four years ago, we put shovels into dirt and began to build our home. Two years later, we filled this home with twice the energy a brand new baby provides. This home has been our sanctuary, our place of ministry, and our place to play. 
Tiny fingers learned to crawl on soft carpet here. Toddlers in footsie pajamas have padded through the hallway and ’round and ’round the kitchen wall here. Handprints on windows might as well be a permanent accessory here. A Christmas tree took up way too much space in the living room here. Our pup has indulged on often spilled Cheerios here. Our marriage has blossomed here, as we fell in love with each other all over again when we became parents. Our hearts have sunk low at times here, and overflowed with joy at others here, as we have walked weary roads with young people into the presence of God.  

Our adventure on this boulevard has been filling, exhausting, sanctifying, and exhilarating. Our home has been ground zero for petitioning prayers and party-zone for many BBQ’s. And now it is the launching pad for a new journey. 

God has once again directed our attention toward adoption. We strive to stay in-step with Jesus in this process, not rushing ahead and not dragging our feet. The first step is to find a little bit more space.  

And in the steady motion of obedience, Jesus keeps providing for the big and small things, like…

  • -Planting peace in my heart as we planted a For-Sale sign in our front yard this morning.
  • -Coffee and perspective-bringing conversation brought by a lovely friend.
  • -Just enough light shed on the next life-steps to keep us grasping tight to the hand of our Guide. 

I don’t know how, but my breath comes easy today, with the reminder that He is good. This view and these memories soothe my heart. Only Jesus can redeem what could be a season of anxiety and grasping for control, transforming it into a epoch of blessing through the nearness of His presence.

Thank you, family and friends for your prayers for clarity and dependence on God as we keep walking, and sometimes leaping, in faith.